Word Crimes, a Weird Al masterpiece?

Weird Al’s new album came out last¬†Tuesday, and I am already enamored with his piece, Word Crimes. It’s a hilarious take on modern grammar usage that any grammar Nazi or lover of English will chuckle about.


The not so happy endings

Long before Disney, most fairy tales existed; but, they were much more twisted, dark, complex and awesome than the 2 hour white-washed animated movies would lead you to believe. Enjoy this video, detailing 10 of them.


Video killed the literary star……

An open letter from Walter Kirn. It’s hilarious and yet rather interesting critic of what is lost as writing becomes more glamorized and more open to the “fluff” of television. Also I might be a bit biased towards this because I’m not a fan of James Franco. Regardless of if you agree with all he says, it’s worth a listen.