What is everyone reading? (2 reviews and a request for suggestions)

Christmas is here, and with it, my “real-job” (the one that actually pays me) is giving me two weeks off and among the holiday parties and responsibilities of adulthood, I plan to read and write as much as humanely possible.

I just finished Mark of Athena, which I recently reviewed. Finishing the book didn’t not do much to change my opinion. The plot line is a bit trite. Only so many times can one of the band of hero’s be kidnapped the rescued, only to have a cliffhanger that slightly progresses the plot without exploring any of the more interesting side-line, character building plots. The only shining spot may have been Dionysus who added a lovely bit of humor to an overall humorless plot.

I have now moved on to Death of a Neighborhood Witch ( I know I’m out of season) by Laura Levine. This is my favorite fluff series.  And before you shake your head, you know you all have a favorite fluff series (that series that literary might not be the best but by god it’s entertaining.)

The mystery series follows a struggling writer,  and pleasantly plump Janie Austen (I know amazingly ploy there) and her cat Prozec, who chase boys and unwillingly stumble upon an intriguing murder.  The plot is never really anything that inventive and about half the time, you will be able to figure out the murderer before the end, but it is a fun read that keeps you engage and in the end it’s more about entertaining you and identifying with the character than it is solving a murder.

Once I’m finished with this, which should happen in the next couple day, I will be looking for a new book to read. I’m really open to anything. Anyone have any good suggestions?