“I’m goin’

paper my walls

with rejection”

The next month, I plan on a publishing extravaganza, finishing my book of short plays for self-publishing and taking most of my existing work and submitting it to various magazines.

What shall come with it?


And some publication.

If I’m lucky moderate success.


The reality of the game is no matter how polished or amazing a piece is, if it doesn’t fit into a certain criteria (which sometimes is just bizarre and random) it will come back to you, along with a lovely form letter, or if you are lucky, a more personalized letter of rejection.

“Thank you, but at this time….”

My question to you, what do you do with rejection?

When I was younger, rejection bother me immensely; I felt as if a hand were slapping me across the face; but now, as I have accept this as an inevitable part of the art life, I think I want to take a more whimsical tone towards rejection.

In short, I’m going to make some art out of it ( finish my above started poem on rejection). If I get a fine enough collection of letters, maybe some wallpaper for my writing area.

Rejection should be taken with a grain of salt. Review your work, see if it needs to be rewritten and then move on and resubmit.

And  remember, if you are feeling down about a form letter rejection, remember you are not alone. Most famous (and not so famous) writers face the world of rejection.