A pride and prejudice wedding

I’ve been told that most girls from childhood spend their days dreaming about their wedding and proposals. Frankly, I think that’s crap. If you count my idea that getting married by a young Elvis (no fat Elvis for me) in a crappy chapel in Vegas as childhood-dreaming of weddings/marraige/etc, I’ve spent a grand total of maybe forty-five minutes of my life fawning over the affair.wedding

Still, when I came across this guy’s reenactment of Pride and Prejudice’s proposal scene, I was impressed and a bit confused.  Impressed because this clearly took ALOT of work. And confused, because (and I’m assuming the proposal was real and the dude wasn’t just re-enacting the scene for larks) even though I really love Pride and Prejudice, I wouldn’t want to borrow the moment from them for my own engagement!

So what do you guys think, is this an awesome idea? Or not?