Persistence is the name of the game (I guess)

So about a year ago, I submitted a story to an anthology on childhood friends. It was accepted (of course….ok that’s a lie, we writers get rejected a lot.)….and I waited to hear from them.

And waited.

And waited.

Well yesterday, I finally got annoyed enough that I sent a kind though sort of pushy email, asking if/when it was going to be done. This first off, is something, timid little me, is not used to. Not at all.  I hate stirring waters.

I wrote it off, figuring I would never hear from that again, or alternatively, that if I did, they would tell me they either scraped my part of the project or the project itself.

However, I was wrong, within hours, the manager responded to me. And they are bumping my story up (they are releasing some of the stories on the web as a teaser) since I took the time to check in and all!


More on this to come.