Because a vote for me is a vote for humanity (ok not really but please vote)

Torrid Literature published my poem, We is, this summer and is now having a contest for their literary hall of fame. If you would be so kind to vote for me, that would be awesome. I’m on page three, Rachael Stanford, We is. You can vote

A vote for me, is well, a vote for me. :)

A vote for me, is well, a vote for me. 🙂

We is by Rachael Stanford


Laughing at linguists who
could never comprehend

though the space between our

is wider than the Grand Canyon
the barren plains punctuating
I forge, unashamedly naked
The bitter November winds
lick my flesh

We is

Enveloped in blurred realities
Of your memories, warmed by the linger
Touch of your flesh, a permanent tattoo

I run, unwavering by demons of doubt
A happy toddler, each step in you

A cosmos

Thanks again for the vote, I’m happy to return the favor!


marching towards the light, erasure poem by Rachael Stanford (Half New Year Poetry Series)

My poem is live,check it out 🙂

Silver Birch Press

marching towards the light
by Rachael Stanford

My dream — wearing a wedding dress
it didn’t fit, the hem was caked
with dried mud, a tattered veil

he, a dank cave,
an old fashioned white cloth
half woven

and he was staring right at me,
like I was a TV program,
he’d been waiting for.

My dream-self was slow
taking in the stalactite ceiling,
the stench of growling
bleating sounds that echo from behind
blocking the room’s only exit — a cavern

“please I don’t have the strength,
you have to hear me!”

SOURCE:  Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book Two : The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan (Hyperion Books, 2006).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem is based on a page from a Percy Jackson YA novel. In writing the poem, I wanted to retain the original feel of the page but change and tweak it to elicit…

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When your give birth to your literary babies

Poetry may be dead, but poets aren’t!

I woke up on Monday with two bittersweet emails. Two of my poems had been accepted for publication in Cool Etc! a few new online journal. One of which was a baby of  mine, Loaded Gun, Twice Fired. I wrote this poem about 8 years ago (wow I’m getting old) for a class in poetry. The assignment was to finish the Emily Dickinson poem, My life has stood a loaded gun. I ended up with a poem that I loved that stood a lone or in tandem to the original piece. But after I got out of college, I had a heck of a time trying to publish it, because it was “too traditionally.” I refused to give up, and now, my baby shall see the light of day. It’s an odd feeling though, to be done with a piece I tweaked and changed some many times throughout the year, but greatly satisfying. Image
In addition, my poem, The river bed, was also published! This wasn’t a baby of mine, rather a poem I wrote while spending a day walking along the Mackinaw river.

It’s pleasures like this that make a rainy Wednesday much more enjoyable. I hope you liked my work.

Peoria Illinois area, a publication opportunity awaits you!

I will archive this today on my Submissions Opportunities , but for all my fellow Central Illinois writers, here is a great opportunity:images

Bluffs Literary Magazine is now accepting submissions for its second issue. Yes, for those of you who haven’t heard from us in a while, we are still alive and still serving the literary needs of the Peoria area.
So for everyone in, near, or passing through the Peoria area—send us your finest literary work! We long, we ache, we yearn to read your poetry, short stories, novel excerpts, essays, short plays, flash fiction, and hybrid literary constructs. You—yes, you reading this right now—have no doubt produced some of the greatest literary work ever to come out of (or near to, or not so near, or not near at all—geographical precision is irrelevant) Central Illinois. Let us read it, let us publish it, let us offer it to the world so that all and sundry may gasp in surprise and then feel a glow of gratitude that you have made them this gift.
Length? Well, much as we’d love to publish your novella, we’re a little magazine with a limited budget and page count, and we’d like to publish other good writers also. So just be mindful, and don’t go overboard.
Deadline: March 15.
Please send it to
Questions? Requests for Issue #1? Send them to the same address.
Tell all your friends.
A happy 2014 to you!
The Editors—Jim Sullivan and Nick Walker

I dated that douche sadly….

Every so often I write a story that’s only purpose is to help others learn from crappy decisions I have made of to help myself vent and thus move on. This is one of those stories, found on I dated that douche, it details two years of my life where I lost myself because of a self-absorbed jerk that I kept making excuses for.

Enjoy. Learn.

Persistence is the name of the game (I guess)

So about a year ago, I submitted a story to an anthology on childhood friends. It was accepted (of course….ok that’s a lie, we writers get rejected a lot.)….and I waited to hear from them.

And waited.

And waited.

Well yesterday, I finally got annoyed enough that I sent a kind though sort of pushy email, asking if/when it was going to be done. This first off, is something, timid little me, is not used to. Not at all.  I hate stirring waters.

I wrote it off, figuring I would never hear from that again, or alternatively, that if I did, they would tell me they either scraped my part of the project or the project itself.

However, I was wrong, within hours, the manager responded to me. And they are bumping my story up (they are releasing some of the stories on the web as a teaser) since I took the time to check in and all!


More on this to come.