Video killed the literary star……

An open letter from Walter Kirn. It’s hilarious and yet rather interesting critic of what is lost as writing becomes more glamorized and more open to the “fluff” of television. Also I might be a bit biased towards this because I’m not a fan of James Franco. Regardless of if you agree with all he says, it’s worth a listen.


Peoria Illinois area, a publication opportunity awaits you!

I will archive this today on my Submissions Opportunities , but for all my fellow Central Illinois writers, here is a great opportunity:images

Bluffs Literary Magazine is now accepting submissions for its second issue. Yes, for those of you who haven’t heard from us in a while, we are still alive and still serving the literary needs of the Peoria area.
So for everyone in, near, or passing through the Peoria area—send us your finest literary work! We long, we ache, we yearn to read your poetry, short stories, novel excerpts, essays, short plays, flash fiction, and hybrid literary constructs. You—yes, you reading this right now—have no doubt produced some of the greatest literary work ever to come out of (or near to, or not so near, or not near at all—geographical precision is irrelevant) Central Illinois. Let us read it, let us publish it, let us offer it to the world so that all and sundry may gasp in surprise and then feel a glow of gratitude that you have made them this gift.
Length? Well, much as we’d love to publish your novella, we’re a little magazine with a limited budget and page count, and we’d like to publish other good writers also. So just be mindful, and don’t go overboard.
Deadline: March 15.
Please send it to
Questions? Requests for Issue #1? Send them to the same address.
Tell all your friends.
A happy 2014 to you!
The Editors—Jim Sullivan and Nick Walker

Call for submissions (all genre)!

From a friends new journal. I don’t think there is a hard set submission deadline, but ASAP.

Similar:Peaks:: inaugural edition is shaping up well. We have had a damn good cup of submissions. But we need even more. But we need even you. Submit Your Self. Poetry, fiction, essay, plays, reviews, and even fan fiction is wanted. From your fantastic brain. We want that David Lynch brand coffee, too, but have no idea where to buy it not in bulk. Spend your weekend visiting and consider us the white or black lodge for your art. ♥

I don’t think the website is up yet, but you can follow their fb page.



Irregardless, it’s the way I write


I never found the rigidity in our language, never had time for it. While others debated the rules of “who” vs “whom” or if a comma should be come before “and”, I was  writing poetry on the bathroom walls.

There stuffy air discussing arbitrary rules like an Iron Maiden, a mute screaming.

I hug irregardless, wrapped him around me like a warm blanket. I write in prosetry, told every genre to shove it as I picked them apart.

And I’m not going to stop.

Language is Google directions, we writers blindly follow.

For a while, you need them, those first fledgling timid steps , just learning the skills need to navigate.

After a while, it’s time to toss them out the window and just drive.

Language is the roads we cruise down. We should take the detours, swim around in under-discovered canyons while basking in the glow of our own imagination.

After all, rules are only rules because somewhere along the line, we decided they should be.

Nothing is set in stone.


What story will you try on next?

TED-Ed explains how literature changes us individually and a society.

This four minute video is worth the watch for any book lover(of for you guys that aren’t!)

It will make inspire you are a reader and a writer.

It left me with a smile even with it’s discussion of the book Pamela, which for anyone how has taken a Brit Lit class can tell you is a lovely read.  Ok, it isn’t. It was one of those books that I could never get into and just supped through so I didn’t fail the class.

The last line is something I want you to think about, it’s what I’m thinking about (and the title of my blog.)  What story will you try on next?

In reading?

In writing?

And in life?