Pemberley High Part 2 (Pride and Prejudice re imagined )

Ok guys, I’m a couple days late (oops) but here is part two of my for fun writing project. If you haven’t read part 1, read it here.


Pemberley High was built, if Lizzi were to venture a guess, during the early 1900’s. The town like to claim it was much newer, circa 1970 but its dilapidated, crumbling gothic architecture made her rather suspicious. During her sophomore year, she had launched an investigation into the history, but the Principal quickly shut it down.


The school was small, almost dying.  For years, the town council had argued that it should be shut down, and the kids shuttled off to other towns to attend schools. But, with most of the parents being rather wealthy (Lizzi’s parents were the notable exception), they were able to pull the political strings to keep the school open. As a consequence, Lizzi knew every one of her classmates and had been in the same class with all of them since Kindergarten.

Lizzi and Jane arrive at school on their matching blue bikes.

“Jane!” a gaggle of girls rang out.

As Jane smiled and greeted them, Lizzi slinked towards the door.

“Lizzi,” Charlotte, a slightly round mousy girl engulfed Lizzi. “ugh I missed you. I almost went insane at my Aunts. No TV. No WIFI. No internet….I was so bored, I learned to knit.”

“That sounds wonderful!” Lizzi said. “My mom had me in modeling sessions all summer.”

Lizzi contorted her face.

“I learned that ugly is beautiful,” Lizzi continued, “and unlike my nearly perfect sister, Jane, who as our coach said, was almost too beautiful to model, I had the perfect amount of flaws.”

Charlotte gasped. Lizzi couldn’t tell if it was shock or if she was a bit envious.

Charlotte and Lizzi had been friends for as long as Lizzi could remember. Their mothers, both stay at home mothers, who worried much too much about their daughters, had quickly bonded over the twos mutual social awkwardness during the great kindergarten Valentine’s day buddies debacle. Lizzi, who had decided by then that Valentine’s day was an over commercialized- consumer driven holiday had refused to participate and instead brought a homemade heart shaped protest sign which read “Love doesn’t come from a store,” to school while Charlotte, who because of a nasty paste-eating habit and cootie scare, had been labeled as “the weird kid,” sat crying over the lack of valentine’s in her un-decorated shoe box.  What started out as a play date to socialize the girls and a chance for the mothers to drink some wine and lament, quickly turned into bff bracelets and secret handshakes.

Though recently, Lizzi worried they might be drifting apart. She had engrossed herself in every art and political outlet she could think of which seemed to bore Charlotte. While Charlotte had joined the school’s flag guard and was reveling in what little social status that seemed to bring her.  

“I even had a few job offers.” Lizzi said, “Of course I immediately turned them down and told my mother that my coach said I was a hopeless case.”

“Lizzi, you’re awful.”

“ What mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” Lizzi said with a smile.

“Oh hey,” Charlotte said, she arched her body around Lizzi, “ I’ve got to go say hi to the other guard girls before class. You have first period Chemistry right?”


“Awesome.” Charlotte said bouncing away. “See you then.”


Pemberley High, a series (part 1)

Ok guys as promised, my for fun online series! Look for a new one each Thursday and let me know what you think



It is universally acknowledged that high school is a form of medieval torture invented by embittered adults to retaliate against the inconvenience youth had caused them. This was never truer than for an outspoken, sharp-witted junior named Lizzi.  Her unconventional dress, and various charity causes, including most recently, her “What are men compared to mountains: A weekend of Womanhood and Nature Retreat,” earned her much notability and scorn amongst the jocks and cheerleaders that roamed the halls of Pemberley High.

Today was the first day, of, what, her mother dubbed, “the search to find a homecoming date (and of course potential husband).” Her mother, who Lizzi thought worried entirely too much about the social lives of her five daughters, was convinced that if Lizzi could procure a reputable male to escort her to prom, it would vault her social status to that of head cheerleader. After a suitable courtship, aka the day after Lizzi graduated high school; she would be proposed to and taken care of for the rest of her life.

The idea made Lizzi want to vomit.

“Lizzi,” Her mother’s voice floated up the stairs of their two story farm house. “Did you see the outfit I laid out for you?”

Lizzi had indeed: a pink micro miniskirt and sea-foam green crop top.

She was currently trying not to vomit at her image in the mirror.

“It doesn’t look that bad.” Jane replied.

Jane, Lizzi’s older sister, a current senior in the same high school, had apparently escaped their mother’s fashion wrath. She was dressed in a mid-length blue dress with white accents. Of course, Lizzi thought, Jane could pull off wearing a paper bag.

Jane was in many ways was Lizzi’s opposite. Fair, blonde, cordial, and almost delicate, she was the head of the fashion club as well as the service club in her school. Well-liked and popular, she had, to their mother’s joy, throughout her three years in Pemberley High, dated the caption of the football, baseball, and basketball teams. Though, at times, the relationships looked as they would go the distance, each in eventually fizzled out, on good terms, of course, for Jane would have it no other way.

Lizzi personally was glad. Those shallow, meatheads had nothing of substance to offer her sister.

“Your outfit is so hot!” Lydia, Lizzi’s younger sister, who was a freshman this year, squealed as she popped her head in the doorway.

Lizzi wondered if Lydia would be able to sit down, or if the sheer movement would split apart her skin tight jeans. Still the outfit, their mother picked for her, a bubble-gum pink shirt which said, “Sexy and I know it,” and jeans managed to make Lizzi jealous.

“Now I know it’s awful.” Lizzi moaned.

“Mom,” Lydia screamed, “I wanna wear what Lizzi is wearing. This totally isn’t fair.”

With that, Lydia huffed down the stairs.

“I look like a hooker,” Lizzi said, “and a blind one at that.”

Lizzi flung her dresser open. It was empty! Her mother had struck again.

“Mom’s just trying to help you….. “Jane sweetly tried to say.

“I guess it’s kind of impressive, if you think about it,” Lizzi said, “she was able to sneak into our room in the middle of the night, steal all of my clothes, without waking either one of us. She’s like an evil Cupid.”

Sighing, Lizzi rummaged under her bed. She managed to find and slapped on a pair of ripped up tights and her white leather Guns n Roses jacket.

“Let’s go.” Lizzi said, “before mom notices how I altered her vision.”

This and that in the writing world

Quick post. I have a couple hours in-between teaching my little nuggets and teaching my GED class tonight. I  found a couple cool links, contests, etc in the art a world that I wanted to share

  • As those who read my blog know, I love Halloween. Naturally then, I was excited to see that the people of the facebook Dr. Seuss page and are having a Dr. Seuss halloween contest.  I personally won’t have time to compete.  I have my hands full with my costumes of Duela Dent and Boo Berry this year, but maybe next year. Either way, you can check out some cool outfits.
  • I personally have a grudge towards anyone that pushes Christmas before Thanksgiving. However, yesterday I stumbled upon  litographs website, and I’m already ready to go out any buy gifts for all of my book loving friends, and maybe a couple gifts for myself. The tshirts, totes and posters are made from the books. It’s art and word-nerdiest at its best.
  • Every Jane Austen lover knows the BBC’s version of “Pride and Prejudice” and its iconic scene of Colin Firth coming out of the pond, drenched. However, as the writer dished recently, they had originally planned for Colin Firth to be a bit more natural, you can read more here.

Anyway, it’s off to the gym and then work for me. Have a great night.




A short piece (as promised!) and challenge update

Update: So far I have sent out a few articles for guest blog pieces this week and have submitted a few pieces for publication. Though I’ll probably fall short of my thirty submission in the month challenge, so far, this has been a really good experience for me.

Anyway with my challenge, I’ve been trying to post more creative works that I have written on my blog. So here is a short piece I wrote a few years ago for a blog contest, where you were suppose to rewrite Pride and Prejudice. I didn’t win the overall prize, but I did place in the top five for internet votes


Pride and Prejudice High

It is universally acknowledged that high school is a form of medieval torture invented by embittered adults to retaliate against the inconvenience youth has caused them. This was never more true than for an outspoken, sharp-witted junior named Lizzi. Her unconventional dress, and various charity causes, including most recently, “What are Men Compared to Mountains: A Weekend of Womanhood and Nature Retreat,” earned her much notability and scorn among the jocks and cheerleaders that roamed the halls of Pemberley High.

Today was no different, though as Lizzi ran to her locker, and hastily pulled out her science book, she noticed a lack of mockery. Perhaps, they have finally seen the wisdom of my nature.

 Then, she noticed that the halls, normally full of hormonal animals, referred to as students, engaging in mating and social rituals, which Lizzi felt were unnecessary and demeaning to an individual, were empty, save her.

She glanced down at her watch.

“Shoot,” Lizzi said. Late again. It was so easy for her mind to wander during her walk to school, and Lizzi often found herself lost in contemplation over a wayward daisy or rose that lay on her path to school. Sighing, she was about to renounce herself to the dull dribble called Chemistry when a splashof color invaded her vision.

“Hey,“ She said turning.

A boy, well-dressed in a polo and dark jeans, handsome with a brooding stare, stood in front ofher, nervously clutching a piece of paper.

“Are you new…lost?” Lizzi said. “I can show you where your classes are.”


“Let me help.” Lizzi reached for the paper.

The young gentlemen recoiled as her hand brushed against his.

“Don’t pay her any heed.” Caroline said, appearing from the shadows.

She was dressed immaculately, every accessory matching her cheerleader captain outfit which she adorned every day. This monotony made Lizzi’s stomach churn.

“I fear I might be ill.” Lizzi said under her breath.

“I’ll show you around and protect you from the pariahs that infest the hallways, mosquitoes on an otherwise calm June night.”

Caroline batted her eyelashes and interlaced her arm with the stranger.

He smirked at Lizzi, to acknowledge his awareness and acceptance of his and her social standing, and Lizzi suspected to rub her face in that knowledge.

“Arrogant jerk!” Lizzi exclaimed. “See if I ever help him.”

Lizzi had all but forgotten the incident by the time she arrived at Chemistry class and was entirely ready to immerse herself in the world of formulas and equations when an all too familiar face appeared at the door.

“Class,” the teacher said, “we have a new student. Meet Mr. Darcy, I assume you will all reveal your charitable nature to him in time.”

“He’s very easy on the eyes.” A perky blonde chirped.

“If you like the conceited type.” Lizzi’s laugh echoed to the corners of the classroom.

“And I hear his parents bought the mansion that had been left to dust on the corner of Main.”

“One thing in his favor, I suppose,” Lizzi replied. “Though even if he had all the money in the world that would not make up for his lack of manners.”

“What was that Miss Bennet?” Her teacher replied.

“I was just welcoming the fine and honorable Mr. Darcy to Pemberley High.” Lizzi said, standing. “We had the pleasure of meeting earlier today. I sure with his disposition, he’ll have no trouble making friends.”

Though no one else seemed to notice, Lizzi thought she perceived a slight discoloration in the new student’s cheeks.

“How very kind of you,” Her teacher replied. “And since Miss Bennet, you were the first to show the “welcoming spirit” that our school so very cleverly embodies, I’m sure you’ll have no problem honoring Mr. Darcy  by being his lab partner…Kid go take a seat next to our self-appointed welcoming committee. “

“I’d be honored to be his partner.” The blonde said.

The teacher replied that she already had a perfectly good lab partner.

“Sir,” Lizzi retorted, “You and I had an arrangement regarding partnerships—

“Yes. Yes, you’re independent, and don’t need a partner because its “demeaning” to you self- esteem and sense of womanhood ,” the teacher replied. “But Mr. Darcy is in want of a lab partner, and as you are, by your own actions, the only student without a partner, there seems to be only one solution to our problems.”

Lizzi shrunk down into her seat, as the boy sat next to her.

“ hi.” He whispered, “this morning, I can explain, you see some of us are not as endowed—“

“Spare me your excuses,” Lizzi hissed. “Let’s just figure out a way to make it through the semester.”



My new obsession

Sadly, I didn’t know about this interactive series until it one an emmy, but this series is absolutely amazing.

The Lizze Bennet Diaries is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice.  Witty and imaginative, any 20-something  in the midst of navigating dating, school, a career and life is sure to enjoy it.

Check out their youtube channel and their website.

Also sorry that I just stole hours of your life.

Rain rain go away

We have had an insufferable about of rain the last few days. For me, an earth-child who longs to be with her mother, being stuck indoors can become mind-numbingly painful especially since my laptop (with all of my work) has been on vacation at my parents house, misplaced in the joyousness of moving.
In an effort to soothe my anxious mind, I’ve have turned to the glory of the internet, and with it, have found this little gem on Jane Austen.

Walkin’ in the shoes of Mr. Darcy

For those word nerdettes like me, who are obsessed with all things Pride and Prejudice and, of course, all things related to Mr. Darcy, Radio Times Travel has a treat for you. They have mapped out the ironic walk Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet took in the BBC’s 1995 adaptation.

If you read my blog, you are well aware that I dislike this version (sorry!). Colin Firth and  Jennifer Ehle’s just rub me the wrong way. But even though I prefer the 2004 and 1980’s adaptations, this has just been added to my bucket list. Now, I just have to find my way over to England……

Even if you aren’t a fan of the book, you should take a look at the article. The the walk has some beautiful sights that would entice any nature lover.

So lace up your shoes! It’s time to follow in some great literary footsteps.

Walking with Darcy

Happy Birthday, Pride and Prejudice!

“In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

–Mr. Darcy,  Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice,  Jane Austen’s masterpiece and a book beloved by millions turned two hundred yesterday. In celebration of the 200th birthday, I’ve posted a few of my favorite links on Austen and her work:

Of course, the celebration wouldn’t be complete without a good-spirited debated over who portrayed Darcy best.

Personally, I swoon over Macfadyen and Rintoul. To me, their portrayal of Mr. Darcy is the most nuanced, the most relatable, the most human,  though perhaps their portrayal isn’t as close to the book as Firth’s (which ironically is the one person I couldn’t stand….)

The links below detail arguments for two of the most recent actors, Matthwe MacFayden or Colin Firth

Who do you prefer?

Matthew MacFayden or Colin Firth

Of course they aren’t the only actors to portray Darcy.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of 5 of the most recent\well-known actors who played Darcy.

Who do you like best?

Sorry, by the way, that I didn’t post on this yesterday. I had all intentions of doing so, but I went to the rock climbing gym and things got a little chaotic, including my harness breaking on one climb. Needless to say I ended up spending more time at the gym than I had allotted for.