A play for you!

Here is one of the two plays that were produced on Sunday. It’s about 20 minutes long, a comedy about  a boy asking for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage to a very particular and hostile family.

Sorry if it’s a little shaky. We recorded it on a camera, so it’s nothing fancy.


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Entire performance from Sandbox theatre

Written by Katharine Rauk
Choreographed by Sarah LaRose-Holland
Danced by Jenny Sung, Ashley Narum, and Renee Guittar
Written by Suzanne Bailie
Choreographed by Sarah Jabar
Danced by Sarah Jabar
Written by Ryan Hill
Choreographed by James Kennedy
Danced by James Kennedy
Written by Jules Nyquist
Choreographed by Winding Sheet Outfil
Music by Megan Campbell Lagas
Danced by Amber Bjork, Kristina Fjellman & Megan Campbell Lagas
Written by John Patrick Bray
Choreographed by Lauren Anderson
Danced by Lauren Anderson
Recited by Andrew Sass
Written by Dana Elkun
Choreographed by Derek Meyer
Danced by Derek Meyer
Written by Heidi R.C. Kraay
Choreographed by Karen Gullikson
Danced by Karen Gullikson
Written by Rachael Stanford
Choreographed by Mark Benzel, Peter Heeringa and Theo Langason
Danced by Mark Benzel, Peter Heeringa and Theo Langason
Recited by Megan Campbell Lagas
Written by Michael Fixel
Choreographed by Evie Digirolamo & Jeesun Choe
Danced by Evie Digirolamo & Jeesun Choe
Written by John T. Trigonis
Choreographed by Jordan Klitzke
Danced by Megan Bridges, Renee Guittar and Joe Crook
Music “Cottonheads” by Caravan Palace
Written by Melanie Garber
Choreographed by Robert Borman
Danced by Robert Borman
Recited by Theo Langason
Percussion by Charlie Landa