If it plays in Peoria (hey my play does!)


During 4play: An Afternoon of Playreading, you’ll love Life, the Universe, and Playreading: A Sextet of Original Plays by Gary Hale and Rachael Stanford.

The event will take place on Sunday, January 20 at 2:30 pm at the Corn Stock Theatre Center. Admission is free.

Plays to be read include:

Game On by Stanford (directed by Jillian Rebmann)
Three Dealt Hands by Hale (directed by Sean Howell)
Precious Pretty Puppies by Hale (directed by Gretchen Teske)
Returns by Hale (directed by Seth Hannan)
A Sunday Proposal by Stanford (directed by Gary Hale)
Red, Blue, Whatever by Hale (directed by Rachael Stanford)

So if you are in the Peoria area, please stop by! It’s a fun evening, very professionally done and if I do say so myself, has two of my most fun pieces in it!

For the official website, please visit Cornstock Theatre’s webpage