This and that in the writing world

Quick post. I have a couple hours in-between teaching my little nuggets and teaching my GED class tonight. I  found a couple cool links, contests, etc in the art a world that I wanted to share

  • As those who read my blog know, I love Halloween. Naturally then, I was excited to see that the people of the facebook Dr. Seuss page and are having a Dr. Seuss halloween contest.  I personally won’t have time to compete.  I have my hands full with my costumes of Duela Dent and Boo Berry this year, but maybe next year. Either way, you can check out some cool outfits.
  • I personally have a grudge towards anyone that pushes Christmas before Thanksgiving. However, yesterday I stumbled upon  litographs website, and I’m already ready to go out any buy gifts for all of my book loving friends, and maybe a couple gifts for myself. The tshirts, totes and posters are made from the books. It’s art and word-nerdiest at its best.
  • Every Jane Austen lover knows the BBC’s version of “Pride and Prejudice” and its iconic scene of Colin Firth coming out of the pond, drenched. However, as the writer dished recently, they had originally planned for Colin Firth to be a bit more natural, you can read more here.

Anyway, it’s off to the gym and then work for me. Have a great night.