Help a girl out (still time to vote) and NaNoWriMo fun!

There is still time to vote for my play, The Wall, please help me out (read it too it’s pretty awesome) and vote! 

Whew! That’s out of the way. Did you know NaNoWriMo, was going on (surprising right). I mean no one on WordPress is talking about it, are they?

For those who don’t know. NaMo is the insane undertaking of trying to write a novel in an entire month. I tried several years and usually by week one I am so far behind that I throw in the towel.

I’ve lost two days of writing already, first to Halloween, which I don’t regret. I never go out or see my high school friends and we have a blast, even got a standing ovation at the karaoke bar for our rendition of “I want you to want me.”

Boo Berry, FrankenBerry and Yummy Mummy

Boo Berry, FrankenBerry and Yummy Mummy

Then yesterday, I was ill (I’ve been fighting a cold all week). Between that, trying to work two jobs and applying to graduate school, I know it will be a fight to fit in enough writing to meet my goal of a complete novel. And that’s ok.

Goals are awesome, but sometimes, I think we get so focused on the outcome we forget why we set the goals in the first place.

Maybe just participating, making a vow to have a month focused on writing is an the real reward. After all, if I only get half a novel written, that’s still have a novel I didn’t have written before.

So my friends, write. Write and write some more. Maybe you will finish a novel in a month, maybe you won’t. But whatever you get down, remember that is something you didn’t have written before.

Also, if you are lacking inspiration, check out these quotes! They are sure to inspire you to write more.