Sleep Drunk and the internet

In a perfect world,  I would have all of my poems done for the poem a day challenge, find time to write new material while editing my old material, surf the web for interesting literary post to share with you and still manage to have some fun free time. All of this of course sandwiched in with work.

But alas, the world sometimes is just a kick in the teeth.  I’ve work a little over 50 hours (35 at the school and the rest tutoring), and managed to get some meager writing in during breaks at work. Also, I had one day of fun, going to see Henry Rollins at the Caste Theatre which was amazing. Overall this week has left me lagging on free time, sleep time, writing time and blogging time, leaving me in a sleep-deprived induced drunk state.

However, the internet has provided me something amazing that has boasted my spirits, a literary fingerprint!

Book patrol goes into more detail, but the idea is pretty simple:

The artist sends you ink and some cards
you stick your thumb in the ink and apply to card
mail inked cards back with
a list of up to 50 of your favorite books

and you get your thumb print!

It isn’t exactly cheap (400 bucks) but it is pretty awesome way to record your literary lovers, and for you DIYers out there, I hope I just inspire a new project!

Well anyway I’m off to nap.

Keep on reading in the free world!