Today is the first page….

Today is the first page of a 365 page novel. Make it good!

And since I’m feeling rather adventurous for the new year, I thought I’d reveal the cover art for my ebook of plays! The work was from my best friend, a painter and all-round awesome artist, Ashley Hunt, who now lives out in Buffalo.

final I have just a bit more work on my book (ok really I’m just waiting a few weeks to calm my nerves) but it should be up within a few weeks. And yes, I’m sure I’ll be obnoxious with shooting from the rooftops about it.

Here’s to 2014 being the year you write a best seller with your life.

So this is being an artist?

Can it be? My first book of plays has finally been edited (OK twice now) once through an editor, once through a former classmate of mine (I majored in technical writing and editing) and now I just need to make the final cuts and stick it on Kindle.

Editing is I believe one of my worst enemies....Editing...

Ironic because in college I loved editing. I saw it as a giant puzzle. You have to make the right moves, search the whole of your mind to find just the right word that can make or break a piece. It riveted me in college. I lived for finding lost referents or dangling participial.

But as a writer, creativity swirls around me. At most times, I usually have five or six writing projects going, and it takes most of my energy to set all of my many projects aside to move one ahead.  I live on this,  breath it in.

Editing, for me is the opposite of this. Slow and methodical.  Everything my artistic soul hates.

Besides, I’m a perfectionist, and something about letting my work out there for the world to see, when I’m sure I could make it better ( I can always make it better) is horrifying.

But as I keep telling myself, all of these plays have been produced. It’s time to let them into the world and move on.

I can do it. Can’t I?

And I’m fueling myself with the fact that I signed my first real contract today for my play “The Wall,” I’ll have the details for you when they post it all. 🙂

Time to embrace the writing life.


What can you do with 30 days?

“Never regret thy fall,
O Icarus of the fearless flight
For the greatest tragedy of them all
Is never to feel the burning light”
— Oscar Wilde

What can you do in 30 days? Can you just start a career?

I a shying away from calling the month of September a publishing challenge, as I am awful with challenges. Every October      I swear I am going to write a novel, and a week into it, I find that I am completely behind, eventually relenting to my failure.

But as I have grown in my career and my passion for writing, I have come to realize that sometime we all need a push to take us to the next level.

So here is my personal challenge. 30 days. 30 submissions, and at least one a week, posting a short story or poem on my blog.

I know it is going to be rough. But I also know that it will be worth the sweat and tears. Wish me luck.

A cup of coffee or a work of art?

Indie AuthorshipI ran across this image a few weeks ago, and won’t lie the impact was remarkable. Maybe it’s my frame of mind, as I am about to endeavor into the unknown abyss of indie authorship,or maybe it is the sinking realization that I, as an author, am awful at supporting my fellow authors, either way I find myself pondering how I spend my money.

Everyday I  piddle away tiny amounts of change, a candy bar at the store or an ugly blazer at Goodwill, that I’m pretty sure I have to have…but what does it really buy me? Bigger hips and less space in my closet.

And yet, when I explore my Nook,  I find a book that I want to buy, but talk myself out of it because I don’t need to waste the money…..

Imagine, instead if I bought a book for my Nook. I buy (hopefully) hours of entertainment and further support the artistic community.

Try itemizing what you spend a week. I bet you’d be surprised how many tiny purchases you actually make, and for what you make them on.

Now imagine just eliminating one or two of those purchases and instead buying that book or E-book you have been eying.

How would the world be different?