Warning: Doesn’t work well with others

In the art world, it is inevitable, you have to work with others, especially if you are like me, who works somewhat with print in the visual arts and can’t draw their way out of a paper box.

Seriously, my stick figures don’t even look like a 5 year old drew them.
My excitement of my visual art idea quickly fades every time I think about having to work with others because frankly every experience minus one (my children’s book project) that I have had, had majorly failed.
It started back when I was a fresh-eye college student. I had a plan for a fem-fatal graphic novel and a friend who was an art major in a near-by college. He had already had some successful with his post-it-note paintings, so I was majorly excited when he approached me about a collaboration.
I spent the better back of four months, drafting and conceptualizing a story (it sits still on my laptop, I need to rework it for a novel now), sending him drafts, getting feedback, waiting for the drawing to begin.
He even sent me a couple of rough sketches.
But then, I got a boyfriend.

Then poof. Nothing. Nada. Won’t return my phone calls/text.

When he finally gets around to answering me, he comes up with the excuse that I’m not invested (after i did all of my end of work) and scraps the project.

Months, hours, days wasted on a script I will have to completely retool to be readable.

I would like to say this is an isolated incident, but it isn’t.

Time after time, other artist I have worked with have bailed, and it doesn’t matter if they are “professional” artist or a “novice”, but I end up pointlessly excited and doing way to much leg work to have it fall through.

I’m starting to feel like I’m cursed, and I’m starting to want to mostly go solo, but art for an extrovert isn’t much fun when you are always solo.

Has anyone else had this experience?

Wanted: Cartoonist/graphic artist for a kick a$$ project

As I previously posted, I have been looking for a graphic artist. I have been talking to one for my children’s book, but am still looking for one for my comic


A little more about my vision:

I’m looking to do an online comic with at least a print base version for the first edition.


The premise of the comic is a sort of sci-fi steam-punk tale that weaves the truth and myth surrounding scientist  Nikola Tesla in modern day society (also weaves current issues). If interested I can send you the first script.

Artistically, I’m open to any interpretation that the artist may want to take.

I have already formulated a Kickstarter Campaign and has people will to help with marketing, etc. Also I have a lot of friend over social media who have already express interest in donating and supporting this campaign.

I believe in complete partnerships (any profits would be split 50/50)

If you are interested please email me at reestanf@gmail.com




Kokomo Con(victions)

This last week has been a week of ups and down. I started by receiving news that a children’s story I wrote did not win a contest. Water off a duck’s back, right? I wish. This was a piece that I loved and it absolutely crushed me. I wish I didn’t, but I am human after all…..By far, this is not the end for my piece ( I plan on querying  agents and publishing house this weekend).

This was followed by very exciting news, I can’t wait to share. Speak Easy Art center has hired me to teach creative play writing. This is still in the works, but I will fill you in more when the details come in.

And then another low. One of my favorite journals, I fear has become pay to publish. I won’t call them out. But they started an “editing”  company and well…you get the picture…..

And then on the heals of that sorrow,  word of my two guest posts being accepted reached me.

As you can imagine, I left Illinois then for Indiana and the promise of giant Garfield statues and comic convention fun emotionally exhausted.

My trip to the Garfield statues, only made the situation worse.

cool cats

It was an amazing trip, really neat and informative, but Erika and I  in our horrible planning, had only though the trail would take an hour or two. Four hours later and nine Garfield statues later, Erika and I were exhausted and frankly not really looking forward to spending all day tomorrow at a comic book convention.

Begrudgingly in the morning, both of us, exhausted and weary-eyed prepared our costumes for Kokomo Con.

It was a disaster of sorts. I had originally planned to wear a wig for my costume, but the 10 dollar Walmart wig failed miserably. So Erika and I resorted to using spray-in hair spay

showercap me

By the end, it looked as though we had murdered someone in our hotel room my hair was a giant rock of red, but with a little engineering of a shower cap, we were able to shape and make the hair work.  Still, the frustration added to my apprehension.

But once I reached the Kokomo Convention all the troubles of the week quickly melted away.The convention was amazing. But what inspired me the most was the amount of independent writers and cartoonists there.

As many of you may know, I once had a graphic novel planned. However, after I took the time to write out the story, my partner bailed because he wanted more out of our partnership than I was giving to give.

This had soured me on the experience of working with other artists to complete the project or start on the new ones that I have been plotting.

But, after talking with all of my fellow artist, I am re inspired. Soon I will be launching another WordPress page (ok a few months) to announce one of the projects.

But I have a few more in mind. And if you know any visual artist who would like to be part of a fun project send them my way! I hope that by this time next year, Ill have a  tiny booth at Kokomo Con!

Thank you Kokomo Con! It was a great chance to meet with other artist and lovers of comics.

me as duela dent

cutest costume ever

snack attack

snack attack

capt america

The capts….