Guest Blog

A while ago, I screamed out in the writing darkness, looking for some partners to illuminate the corners of my art. I was overwhelmed with the response. The first of these projects to come to fruition was with a fellow blogger of mine, Eric Keys. We are providing each other with weekly prompts, and writing a piece of flash fiction. I was the first to go, my piece appears on his blog.


P.S. I’m still open to other projects, so if you have an idea, feel free to leave a comment with the information or email me.


A flash fiction piece for you

I entered this is a flash fiction work. I’ll probably retool it later, since it didn’t come out exactly as I wanted, but I like it as a rough draft and thought I would share it with you!

(The set up, a voicemail……)


Mother run, before it’s too late.

I never meant to venture, safety snuggled, tucked away in the soft glow of our house. The sunlight danced on the window, leaping down to steal a kiss off my cheek.  Intoxicated, my foot stumbled out the door.

I was so careful, one trembling step after another, as the turtles passed me by and the sun-sweat beads ran down my forehead and the smell of flowers choking out the stale, dark hermetically sealed air.

The weight of the world on me, my legs jelloed, trembling.





So many cracks, mother, obese, cracks spreading as if a child had taken a crayon to the earth.

Too many to avoid with the call of the wild world, the running children, playing around the fields, hair, wind-ratted, face stained with dirt, unencumbered, calling to my soul, coursing through my veins.

I tripped.

My foot wedged in, I thought I might just fall into China. I shuttered, waiting for the skies to upon up, thunder to reign down and for it to shallow you.

I had broken you.

Before I realized, my legs had taken flight bounding, over the pavement, until everything was a blur.

Crack after crack, earth worms after a summer’s rain, my foot scraped each one.

I’m trying to catch my breath. I wish you would have picked up. The neon lights of the gas station is blinding mother, and I can’t hold out much longer, my muscles aching in nervous anticipation.

Fate knows. You have to run, before it’s too late.