Beauty and the Beat

This video for what it worth is amazingly well done. It’s also interesting to see Belle thrust into a different culture. Of course, since it is a satire, it plays up stereotypes which rhetorically I have a few issues with……Regardless though, it took real talent to craft the entire production.

Disney Princess:Queen Bees and Insecurities

ariealSo buzzfeed had an article, “If the Disney Princess went to your high school,” which was hilarious and also shines a light on the faults of the princesses. It’s tongue in cheek for sure, but is the perfect article for people like me who grew up with a love/hate relationship with Disney and the Princesses as well (minus Belle, I will get my library god dang it.).your-disney-inner-circle

Disney stories are entertaining, but let’s face it, most of them are awful morals for women and young girls. And frankly most of the princess could use a little consoling!

What do you think? Ideas you would add? Any assessments you disagree with?