Little Free Library the coolest idea ever!

A little while ago, I noticed this outside  on one of the streets of Bloomington, Illinois,  which is a stone’s throw away from where I live.

The concept is beautiful, sharing books with your neighbors.  Take a book. Leave a different book. Let the love spread. Interact with your neighbor and bring your love of books beyond the schools and libraries where they live.

little free library

little free library

I think this is an amazing idea! If you visit their website, you can get complete details.  The kits can be a bit pricey (anywhere from 250 to 1000) dollars.  But you can always just build one yourself.  This could be the perfect idea for people like me who absolutely dread winter. And the website has building tips. (They also have a book bench idea, which is pretty snazzy.)

This is a great idea for book lovers like myself who find their library overflowing with books.

They have a “make it official” package which gives you some benefit , but again, if you want to set up a rouge library, you can help people and feel like a rebel as well.

I definitely intend to work on one for my little town. We amazingly enough have a library, which I do love. But it has a limited supply of books which is greatly different than my collection.  Besides, it seems like an amazing way to interact with your neighbors!


Book (shelf) lovers rejoice

From the first moment I watched Beauty and The Beast,  I knew…..

I didn’t want the princess dress

or to be fall in love a beast

or to be in an enchanted castle.

I wanted the library, and all it’s glory, preferably without the semi-abuse man-child  but heck if I can get it in the divorce, I might be able to endure a year or two of talking candlesticks and a grumpy beast.

What word nerd wouldn’t want a wall to wall library that *gasp* you needed ladders to reach the the top.

But alas reaching adulthood had meant that some of my dreams have had to fallen to the wayside, as I find myself a poor twenty-something, living in a teeny tiny libary-less apartment. And when I am able to scrounge up the dough to buy a house, the whole of it will probably fit into the library room.

Bereft but not beaten, I have decided if I can not have an amazingly dream library, I can have the most amazing bookshelves humanely possible, which is why I was amazed to find this site,  25 awesome DIY bookshelves.  It isn’t my epic library but at least I’ll have some awesome and creative ways to house my precious books!

And while I’m on an internet searching binge:

If you are a book lover, crafty and looking for a project, your day will be made!