All children are artists, why aren’t all adults?

All children are artists, each in their own way.

Think about it.

Watch a group of children.

What do they do?

Draw.  Write.  Paint.  Build.  Pretend.

They are actors, directors, producers of their own little dramas, be it playing house, Barbies or G.I. Joe’s. They make up magical worlds all within their minds.

Until….that  self-awareness, the creeping of adolescence and adulthood hit us.  I remember seventh grade, and going to a friends house,who was a year ahead of me. I was horrified that she wanted to play Barbies.  I played, begrudgingly  but the thought of pretending at 13 was just absurd to me.

The irony is now, at 27, I wish I have more time to pretend.

Why do we stop?

I could say this is an isolated incident, and there are still obviously people who continue into adulthood (LARP), but this is not the norm.  Why does this intricate part of life, slip away from us?

And not just pretending, why stop creating art in general.

Do we lose our passion?

Are we taught not to?

Is art just a way to mimic adulthood so when it stops having a function, we lose it?

Does society condition us not to?

What do you think? I’ll post my ideas in a follow up response.