WordPress is just failing at life.

So today, I decided for my daily writing chunk to check out the people who have liked my blogs, comment on them,and be social. I’m trying to meet other writer’s and artist that is one of my main reasons to be on here…..

Except WordPress is not working at all.

It is setting my primary blog to an old blog I started a few years ago that never should see the light of day and that I never check.  This is incredibly frustrating, as I would like to actually meet new people on here, and not have to either transfer them over to my new blog, or be the obnoxious person who post my url in the comments ( I’m not that pushy…)

I thought that maybe somehow magically, I reset it (I didn’t btw) so I spent about twenty minutes trying to go to my dashboard, however, the page wouldn’t load correctly. Now instead of being social, I’m venting here.

Has this happened to you?

If so what have you done.

I’m hoping that the site is just being wonky today, and tomorrow, I can go back to usual but part of me feels this is just a conspiracy to make me by the upgraded version……