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My new montra: find the writer

findthewriterAshy: How have you been?

Me: My week hasn’t been too bad, keep kinda thinkin’ heavy thoughts but that happens every so often doesn’t it? Oh moody artist

Ashy: Life’s heavy. Use your heavy thoughts and put ’em down on paper ūüôā

The shot in the foot text I needed. You see I’ve been in a funk- the heavy, can’t catch your breath in a crowded night club sort. And understandable burden since the death of my father, but, usually I’m able to¬† make my way through and catch my breath if only for a second. This though, is constant. But perhaps the problem has not been in the sorrow, its depth undeniable, but rather in my schedule which has precluded me from writing and myself who has as of late, found it more appealing to surf the web or spend time on the blackhole of facebook, rather than explore the tangle of my thoughts, a dangerous web to be sure, but one which left to its own devices will continue to expand.

In short, I needed to just do even if I didn’t want to, even if it sucks.

And so in the last two days I have: found a collaborative paying writing effort (nothing big or very profitable but something that will get me writing.), advertised for an artist again for my comic idea, and started (though not finished so it is not yet posted) a kick starter campaign for another children’s book I have started.

Life is and I suppose always shall be amazing, beautiful, sad, horrid, immortal and terminal and it is I who will have to just learn how to weather each storm.

Staying home with a baby? Gesh, you have to have time to write a novel…., right

Don’t tell people you are taking time off to raise a baby (a whooping month btw then I’m back tutoring English and teaching three courses at a technical college.) because the first thing they will say, if they know you are a writer is, “Oh that’s so great for you, when are you going to write the next great American novel?”

sleepingThen, they will stand there, starring at the circles under you eyes as you shake from the caffeine that you have been dumping into your body, waiting for a response: a chapter or two you have written or a detailed outline of your next great work.

No I haven’t had time to craft a great novel.

Actually I now spend most of my time bathing in baby vomit and desperately trying to stay awake. Oh and then do those little things like eat in the hour or so of sleep my baby does before she screams ūüôā

I have though had time to do some shorter project, such as starting a crafting store with my friend, specializing in our geeky love of comic. We are selling our work at Kokomo Con this year. It should be a fun experiment in self-marketing and promotion, something I hope to take over to my own independent writing.

I’m also seeing progress on my Children’s book (look for upcoming info on it.), I’m very excited for this project.

On a sad note, which I will blog about later, I lost the illustrator for my Comic on Nikola Tesla, so now I am back to looking for an artist (if you know of anyone comment below or email me at reestanf @ I plan on launching a Kickstarted campaign for it as soon as all of my ducks are in a row.





Wanted: Cartoonist/graphic artist for a kick a$$ project

As I previously posted, I have been looking for a graphic artist. I have been talking to one for my children’s book, but am still looking for one for my comic


A little more about my vision:

I’m looking to do an online comic with at least a print base version for the first edition.


The premise of the comic is a sort of sci-fi steam-punk tale that weaves the truth and myth surrounding scientist  Nikola Tesla in modern day society (also weaves current issues). If interested I can send you the first script.

Artistically, I’m open to any interpretation that the artist may want to take.

I have already formulated a Kickstarter Campaign and has people will to help with marketing, etc. Also I have a lot of friend over social media who have already express interest in donating and supporting this campaign.

I believe in complete partnerships (any profits would be split 50/50)

If you are interested please email me at




Looking to collaborate with a like-minded guy or girl who can draw…….

As I wrap up my short collection of plays, (hopefully) available online at the end of the week, I turn to other projects.  I have two projects may require (if I go the indy route) an artist to illustrate.

The firstImage and one I’m most looking for an artist for, is a comic, Without getting into too much detail, it’s a modern day fairy tale starring Nikola Telsa which deals with issues of corruption and power. This one I’m pretty set on being indy, though I’m open to other suggestions

The second is a children’s story. I will be shopping this around with traditional publishers, but if the right artist came along, I would be open to e-publishing or making a book app.

If anyone is interested you can email me at I can give you more details there.

BTW, I’ve been told I’m pretty awesome to work with ūüôā

A new year, a new artistic you

I’ve never been particularly fond of New Years. Maybe it’s because I have always sucked at keeping my resolutions. Maybe it’s because I find the song “Auld Lang Syne” incredibly depressing.¬†¬† Or perhaps it is because I feel like its a manufactured holiday that most people my age use as an excuse to get smashed.

Whatever the reason, I usually find myself plopped on the couch watching the “Twilight Zone” Marathon that runs on SyFy with a bottle of non-alcoholic strawberry sparkling water

But then I ran across this.
New Years IdeaWhat a wonderful idea! Instead of making a crapton of goals as an artist based on making money, procuring fame or producing a product, perhaps, we can instead find a way to help produce the inner peace in our art.

It’s so easy as an artist to fall into these traps. I especially fail with number 10. I do not have patience. I want amazing success ASAP. And I struggle when at the end of the day, I didn’t get as far as I wanted. But what does that struggle get me? No closer to my goal and miserable.

This year, I’ll still probably be on the coach for New Year’s Eve watching the “Twilight Zone”, but I am going to print off this picture and remind myself everyday. Art is a process and a wonderful journey but there are certian mindsets and traps we can fall into as artist that will make us miserable! Make a goal to avoid them this new year.


Kokomo Con(victions)

This last week has been a week of ups and down. I started by receiving news that a children’s story I wrote did not win a contest. Water off a duck’s back, right? I wish. This was a piece that I loved and it absolutely crushed me. I wish I didn’t, but I am human after all…..By far, this is not the end for my piece ( I plan on querying ¬†agents and publishing house this weekend).

This was followed by very exciting news, I can’t wait to share. Speak Easy Art center has hired me to teach creative play writing. This is still in the works, but I will fill you in more when the details come in.

And then another low. One of my favorite journals, I fear has become pay to publish. I won’t call them out. But they started an “editing” ¬†company and well…you get the picture…..

And then on the heals of that sorrow,  word of my two guest posts being accepted reached me.

As you can imagine, I left Illinois then for Indiana and the promise of giant Garfield statues and comic convention fun emotionally exhausted.

My trip to the Garfield statues, only made the situation worse.

cool cats

It was an amazing trip, really neat and informative, but Erika and I  in our horrible planning, had only though the trail would take an hour or two. Four hours later and nine Garfield statues later, Erika and I were exhausted and frankly not really looking forward to spending all day tomorrow at a comic book convention.

Begrudgingly in the morning, both of us, exhausted and weary-eyed prepared our costumes for Kokomo Con.

It was a disaster of sorts. I had originally planned to wear a wig for my costume, but the 10 dollar Walmart wig failed miserably. So Erika and I resorted to using spray-in hair spay

showercap me

By the end, it looked as though we had murdered someone in our hotel room my hair was a giant rock of red, but with a little engineering of a shower cap, we were able to shape and make the hair work.  Still, the frustration added to my apprehension.

But once I reached the Kokomo Convention all the troubles of the week quickly melted away.The convention was amazing. But what inspired me the most was the amount of independent writers and cartoonists there.

As many of you may know, I once had a graphic novel planned. However, after I took the time to write out the story, my partner bailed because he wanted more out of our partnership than I was giving to give.

This had soured me on the experience of working with other artists to complete the project or start on the new ones that I have been plotting.

But, after talking with all of my fellow artist, I am re inspired. Soon I will be launching another WordPress page (ok a few months) to announce one of the projects.

But I have a few more in mind. And if you know any visual artist who would like to be part of a fun project send them my way! I hope that by this time next year, Ill have a  tiny booth at Kokomo Con!

Thank you Kokomo Con! It was a great chance to meet with other artist and lovers of comics.

me as duela dent

cutest costume ever

snack attack

snack attack

capt america

The capts….

Oh yay! I got a guest blog published!

This was a fun an exciting weekend at the comic book festival. It has definately inspired me to look for a graphic designer and work on a comic idea I have had for a while(more details to follow).

But first, I have some fun and¬† exciting news to share. jumpI have had a guest post published on the Independent Play(w)rights website! It’s titled 5 things I wish I knew before I became a playwright.

It is, if I do say so myself, a good little piece of information that contains some  great tips I had to learn the hard way. If you are just starting out writing plays or even if you are experience, go ahead and give it a read.  You might just learn a thing or two!

Cosplay Fatality

This week has been unbelievably busy. I received my reward from my Navigation makeover (look for my blog this week: confessions of a Magazine winner) and prepared an outfit for Kokomocon.

Kokomocon is a little comic book festival in Kokomo Indiana. By the way I know you are humming the Beach Boy song by now. It’s also the only reason I knew about the convention.

A few months ago, I convinced my friend to roadtrip it with me to Kokomo Indiana. I just wanted an excuse to sing the song obnoxiously and she wanted to see the giant Kokomantis statue, which as the locals told us, just appeared one day outside of subway as well as explore the trail of Garfield statues.  Also for those who love Clifford (the big red dog), it is the birth-place of his author though the since commemorating it, is hard to find and surprisingly tiny.

As you can tell the Midwest is a hoping place…….



Amongst our many exciting visits, we stumbled upon a tiny comic book shop that was advertising its comic book convention, and as my friend and I are both word nerds a great plan was hatched. We would deck ourselves all out in full cosplay and attend the festival.

The only problem: both of us suck at sewing.

Of course, we did what any rational 27 year olds would do, lie to ourselves. ¬†“Oh our costumes will only take a weekend, maybe two. It’ll be easy. No sew…..”

Well you get the point.

I’m now on week three of construction of my Duela Dent costume. It’s well…not as awful as it was a week ago, but with my days dwindling, I’m realizing that it’s probably not going to be as amazing as my mind would like.

Duela Dent's glove I’ll post the costume and pictures from the convention next weekend. ¬†Hopefully, I’ll finish the vest today. ¬†And then free of my cosplay, I’ll be back here in earnest bringing you the most awesome writing related posts again!