Cosplay Fatality

This week has been unbelievably busy. I received my reward from my Navigation makeover (look for my blog this week: confessions of a Magazine winner) and prepared an outfit for Kokomocon.

Kokomocon is a little comic book festival in Kokomo Indiana. By the way I know you are humming the Beach Boy song by now. It’s also the only reason I knew about the convention.

A few months ago, I convinced my friend to roadtrip it with me to Kokomo Indiana. I just wanted an excuse to sing the song obnoxiously and she wanted to see the giant Kokomantis statue, which as the locals told us, just appeared one day outside of subway as well as explore the trail of Garfield statues.  Also for those who love Clifford (the big red dog), it is the birth-place of his author though the since commemorating it, is hard to find and surprisingly tiny.

As you can tell the Midwest is a hoping place…….



Amongst our many exciting visits, we stumbled upon a tiny comic book shop that was advertising its comic book convention, and as my friend and I are both word nerds a great plan was hatched. We would deck ourselves all out in full cosplay and attend the festival.

The only problem: both of us suck at sewing.

Of course, we did what any rational 27 year olds would do, lie to ourselves.  “Oh our costumes will only take a weekend, maybe two. It’ll be easy. No sew…..”

Well you get the point.

I’m now on week three of construction of my Duela Dent costume. It’s well…not as awful as it was a week ago, but with my days dwindling, I’m realizing that it’s probably not going to be as amazing as my mind would like.

Duela Dent's glove I’ll post the costume and pictures from the convention next weekend.  Hopefully, I’ll finish the vest today.  And then free of my cosplay, I’ll be back here in earnest bringing you the most awesome writing related posts again!