Happy New Years and a guest blog

Have I m mentioned my love of Chica Peeps? Oh of course I have in several posts, so I’m sure you are already aware of them. If not, you should check out their website. It  embraces two of my favorite things, having female friends (everyone girl needs them for bitch fest) and writing (double-duh).

I was asked to write a guest blog and couldn’t for the life of me think of what to write, but as one of my least favorite holidays is coming up, I found the perfect opportunity to write about the evils of NYE and how I’m embracing it. So if you want to see how I’m dedicating the new year, please go visit it.

Also, since I will be on a meditation retreat and camping trip for the next two days, I’d like to take this time to wish all of my readers a very happy new year. Be safe and celebrate it in an unusual way, it makes for the best memories 🙂


Chica Peeps

The sisterhood of female friendships is celebration in the Chica Peeps anthology. I was lucky enough to be accepted into this new sister of authorship with my tale of high school friends who have stood the test of time.

We might have started just as movie buddies, lusting after the hunky, alluring, sizzling and every other adjective to describe the perfect amount of hotness that God will allow in a body, Johhny Depp, but over the years, it have become the life blood of my sanity.

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