Banned book week

1888687_10152270480746813_3049804720412313024_nIt’s one of my favorite weeks, banned book week, celebrating the fact that good art scares the living crap out of people!

Maybe the coolest part of banned book week is that the ACLU published a scroll over infograph to give information to why each of these famous books pictured was banned.

Do you have an all-time favorite banned book? Mine is probably a tie. Slaughterhouse Five and Farenheit 451 (a book banned about banning books!)




What a week it is!

Happy National Punctuation Day! Yes, since pretty much everything has a special day designation to them, it seems fair that our friends the period, semi-colon, etc have a day to praise their awesomeness. Even Fox News got in the spirit with punctuation fails; or, if you prefer, you can read about the history of punctuation marks.

And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also banned books week. Do you have a favorite banned book? I have plenty, including 13 Reasons Why which made top ten in 2012.