Be our guest, just don’t think about the plot

I’ve admitted it before and I’ll do it again. I love Beauty and the Beast. As much as it’s a Munchhausen Syndrome tale of a quasi-abusive man who sorta changes his way and the girl who gives up all her lofty dreams for him, I still watch it every time I see it on TV and hum “Be our Guest” for days after.”\


I’m even obsessed with Rumple and Belle on Once Upon a Time.  It’s a cruel trick that I can only believe a corporate evil genius came up with to make a character that so plays into literary nerds, knowing we instantly bond to any awesome character.

The problem, as I said, the plot is awful but even more than as a basic morality tale, there are so many holes that as a five year old, I couldn’t see, but as an adult, well that’s another story.  Buzzfeed has a great article detailing it. Beware, though, after reading it, you may never see the “beloved” Disney classic in the same light again.

Bonus read: A great article with little know facts about the movie.