Why 4th graders are better poets than you (and me)….

If you haven’t yet figured out, I have a preoccupation with childhood and art.  It is my believe that most of us are naturally artists but as we grow, we are conditioned to lose this.

I stumbled upon an article about fourth grade poets that you should read on the topic.

Let it inspire you. Forget what you know or what you are taught and write, write, write.

I learned a trick from Lynda Barry, about the process of unlearning for art. (This is a short explanation of the writing process, check out her work for a much better explained and more detailed process)

  1. Pick a topic to write about
  2. Set two alarms, one for a minute and another for six.
  3. For the first minute doodle a circle on a piece of paper, concentrate on your circles.
  4. Once the first alarm sounds, start writing and don’t stop until the second alarm rings
  5. If you can’t think of what to write, write the abc’s or numbers until it comes to you (repeat every time you run out of things to write.)
  6. When the alarm sounds, set aside your piece for at least 24 hrs before editing.

Its amazing what comes of it.

We are all artist, don’t let society teach you otherwise!