A literary clue to the holiday blues

I love the holidays. I always have. The lights, songs, horrible old Christmas movies and obnoxiously large family gatherings might be the only thing that keeps my sanity during the dark and cold Illinois winter.

But there is the flip side of the holidays. Over-commercialism, loneliness, songs that are played on repeat from Thanksgiving on and  Elf on a shelf.

It’s easy to become well, a Grinch.

But not anymore.
Grow your heartThe good folks at Dr. Suess.com (an amazing site) have come up with 25 days to grow your heart three sizes.

Cute, simple non-related activities that are good for the soul and will surely help you with your holiday blues.

Give it a try. I know I’m going to.

What can you say in 6 words?

I used to occasionally submit to as well as read Six Word Stories, without never knowing the back story. Now, though, that I’ve learned the origin of the competition, I am awestruck and disheartened.

The (alleged) back-story  for those unaware: Ernest Hemingway, the six-toed cat loving, macho-man and boozer was bet that he could not write a complete story in six words.

ernesthemmingwayThe result:

For sale: baby shoes, never used.

—Ernest Hemingway

Towel thrown in. I will never (in six words) write something so complex and heart-wrenching.

I’ve never been a great Hemingway fan.  It’s probably not all ‘olde Ernest fault. In eight grade, I had to read The Old Man and the Sea, which to a 14 year old, is an incredible boring story of a wheezy old man who sucks at fishing and concludes with usage of a painful metaphor….Why the lions? Why?

And even through my forced college classes of famous old rich white male writer’s you need to know, I still haven’t really come to love him. Talented yes, but just not my style.