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Climbing at one of my favorite places

Well hello everyone. My name’s Rachael (as the blogs url would have implied.)

I’ve always been a writer, even as a little kid, I wrote odd fan fiction about Sesame Street and Barney on my mom’s Apple 2. It wasn’t good by any means and there were a surprising amount of murders in that little world for my seven year old imagination, but nonetheless I was hooked on writing. Throughout the years it’s progressed, bleeding into ever genre possible. I lay down my pen and paper to the shine of Kurt Vonnegut hoping one day to be as talented as his pinkie toe. But if that fails, I’d just like my art to illuminate the world or one person’s world, heck, I’d even be happy if it a dingy, cobweb invested corner on someone’s world.

In short,  I’m the typical struggling writer  trying to survive in this funny little world.

If you’d like, shoot me a message at reestanf @ gmail dot com

I love hearing from you!

304 comments on “About Me

  1. Thanks for ‘liking’ my blog. You sound like a ‘real’ writer, and I can appreciate your early start as a writer – in my childhood (small Iowa town, 12 grade school in one bldg., I was in a non-specificied contest with a farmer’s kid as to whose ‘essays’ got the most laughs – the farm kid – Vanderhof – won hands down. But I persist….

  2. Thanks for liking by post, if you reckon any of my short stories etc come up to scratch as submissions, I’ll help out all I can. Great idea for a blog by the way, Well done, and carry on writing.

  3. Hey great blog and love how you engage with your readers 🙂 newest follower now! Also, thanks for stopping by and liking my new post Rachel.

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  5. Thanks for following my blog. I’ll be a lot of writing on there, if you’d care to read.

    I’ve read a few of your guest posts on other blogs and I saw that you adhere to my all-time favorite piece of advice: practice, practice, practice! I’ve joined several writers networks and I find that the one thing most people don’t do is actually PRACTICE writing. They write one or two pieces, readers don’t like them, and the writer gives up, saying “Well, I guess I just can’t write.”
    It’s nice to see another writer saying “practice!”

  6. Thank you for liking my post. Appreciate it. Only writers can truly understand the adrenaline rush when someone outside of themselves acknowledges their work, so thank you. And I wish you all the best with your writing adventure. :).

  7. loved your poetry especially “No light to come” … really related to me as I just wrapped a 15 yr marriage to the queen of my dreams lost due to my bipolar schizophrenia… thanks for being a bright spot for me this morning.

  8. Thanks for visiting my Blog. Please read the essay Parchment in prose. I did not begin writing until I was 56 years old and now I find myself writing almost every day. I wish you luck in you endeavors. again thanks Frank

  9. We have in common a love for Vonnegut as well as a love for becoming wordsmithys. I’m on one end of the century, and you, the other. As far as your self-description, struggling writer, when you cease to struggle, you cease. Thanks for visiting my website and looking in on The blog bog.

  10. Hi Rachael, thanks for dropping by my blog. It’s great that you liked to write from such a young age, isn’t the imagination of a child a wonderful place. Keep writing, you have something unique to offer that nobody else can – your own thoughts.

  11. Hi Rachael

    A playwright and writer friend of mine recently invited me to be involved with the Writing Process Tour, whereby writers who blog are invited to discuss their trade and work before passing the baton on. My blog post regarding this topic is at http://bublicksblog.org/2014/06/02/writing-process-blog-tour/
    And you are invited to reply to the four following questions
    1. What am I working on
    2. How does my work differ from others of its genre
    3. Why do I write what I do
    4. How does my writing process work
    I would like to pass on the baton to you, as I feel your blog and writing deserves more recognition, but if you do not wish to participate in this blog tour, please let me know (if possible) so that other bloggers can be offered a chance to participate in the chain
    Regards Chris Wilson @ bublicksblog.org

  12. Thank you for the like on my blog. Looks like you have been blogging for a while now, so your like means a lot. Read a couple of your essays, look forward to browsing around lots more in the coming days. Cheers.

  13. Thanks so much for liking my piece on summer boredom. I too was a writer as a kid. You do look beautiful. I too am having trouble with your self description as “loser.” Words matter, as you well know.

  14. Helloooooooo from India . I’m Priyanka , a 22 year old ENgineering student . Rachel your blog just made my day . I have like soo much to say , but I’m soo hungry right now , that all I can thinking about now is Food 😀 please don’t get me wrong . I cant wait to read all your blog posts and know more about you Rachel . Loads of love .

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