Being a mother has been kicking my artist’s bum

Ever had those days when you realized you haven’t created art in a while. A long long while. And further yet the bits of free time that you have had for art, are spent piddled away on meaningless stuff like Facebook or watching bad reruns of television shows you didn’t even like in the first place. You realize you are in an artist slump.

sadpandaThe has been me for the past five months (since the birth of my daughter). And don’t get me wrong, bringing a little people into the world is awesome opossum, but lacking the drive to do something you love, or worse, wanting to do it but feeling stuck in the snow white pages that lack your imagination.

I’ve been keeping myself busy collaborating on my children’s book, which is exciting and awesome, but I’m realizing that isn’t filling the void.

So what do you do when you are unispired, stuck in a rut and don’t have that much time to get anything done?

13 comments on “Being a mother has been kicking my artist’s bum

  1. whilst I cant relate to the art block etc, my girlfriend is an artist and has had a similar slump in her inspiration levels! Personally I find if I get into a rut or struggle with motivation perspective is always a big thing. For example, I recently visited a friend who was in hospital (nothing serious) but when I walked through the children’s section and spotted some kids who were doing it tough I soon walked taller and started to put my lack of motivation into perspective and got busy!!!

  2. Ugh, I feel you! I wish I had suggestions.. I uprooted and totally changed my life and can now get back into my writing ( talks about it). I realize that’s not an option for you, but maybe you can change a few small pieces of the routine, to shake things up a bit? Rearrange your writing space, listen to particular type of music during breakfast, take baby to a totally new place for an outing and pretend the two of you are discussing a stranger passing by or the shape of the clouds, to unleash the ever more expansive child-like imagination in yourself? I find even small changes can sometimes be enough to help you sort out a new schedule or idea.

  3. I’m going to have to set myself some goals because I’ve been stuck for a few weeks. Mostly because of the holidays and my son was home from college and H was off on break. I hate to start and then get interrupted so tomorrow will be my day to begin again! With a new little one you get interrupted lots, don’t you? Hang in there! 😉

  4. Being a mom really is the ultimate creative and artistic expression, so it’s always possible that rather than being in a slump, you’re actually just investing all that talent in another area right now.

  5. I find that when I stop worrying about what I’m not doing I eventually just naturally finding new creative things to do… yes, having kids wreaked havoc on my creative life, but I adjusted. Best!

  6. PS Having kids is what brought me back into shooting photos seriously again (I had studied photography in art school, but then shifted to painting and sculpture)… since I wanted to have a camera when I took my little kids to the playground etc., I just had it with me and started looking around while the kids were busy. After drifting back into photography, I ended up with a large body of work and now have lots of online followers and show my stuff locally… never had this plan, but it just kind of worked out!

  7. We’ve all been there! I know it took me a good long while to get productive again after the birth of my son. By the way – congratulations! 😉
    As some of the other commenters have said, maybe try something new. Possibly a journal of your baby’s progress? A year or so from now, there are so many little things you will have forgotten. And it may serve as inspiration for something else…

  8. Bringing little people into the world takes a lot of you, in so many ways. I do understand the feeling of a slump and the frustration of not getting anything done. My heart goes out to you. As I read your post I thought of my mom’s words, “This too will pass.”

    Ironically, it’s been the time around kids that is inspiring me to work on the kid’s lit. Of course, these little ones aren’t babies, they are in the walking and talking part of life. And, these aren’t my kids–they are borrowed inspiration that I can just have fun with. Thank you for giving your energy to the little being you have brought into the world.

    In the meantime, hang in there and let me know if I can do anything to help.

  9. I think all of us writers go through this at one point or another. Don’t get discouraged, just take your daughter for lots of walks and when you least expect it, a great idea will come to you. Good luck!

  10. I always feel the urge to paint or draw and have yet to put paint or ink to paper. I think it’s been about 5 years since I’ve done anything artsy-fartsy. I miss it. Thankfully, I do have other creative outlets and hopefully when my children leave home I get the gumption to bring out all my supplies. The thought of taking out paints and not being able to get into it because of the fear of interruptions always supercedes the need to really paint. Congrats to you!

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