Kickstart my heart? (hope it never stops…)

woman-sitting-silhouette-clipartI’ve been slowly formulating a kick starter campaign for one of my children’s projects. And it is completely never racking. I haven’t yet launched it. This is odd because as any artist I am used failure. It is my friend, a chance for me to rise like the phoenix and dust off the prose that sully my wings.

This though is never-racking.So I’m asking for advice? What would you like to see in a Kickstarter campaign? What has or has not worked for you? what other funding tools have you used?

5 comments on “Kickstart my heart? (hope it never stops…)

  1. Seeing a realistic plan and pieces that have already been created has been compelling to me. Also, a short and engaging video that explains how it will all happen and how my money will contribute are tools that have worked on me.

    I’m not sure which project you are thinking about for this Kickstarter, but it has me thinking I best get all my thumbnails in order. I just posted a couple pages of thumbnails and drafted illustrations on my blog and linked back to this post. 🙂

    I will be curious to hear what other people think about the best approach to Kickstart a project.

  2. I have considered using kickstarter but have never really gone at it with any serious intent. I’m too insecure. Best wishes! Right now, my funding is all from a day job that I don’t like and doesn’t pay very well. Kickstarter sounds like more fun, anyway!

  3. I just did a Kickstarter for my children’s book on resiliency. Run your numbers well and plan for marketing. There’s a hell of a lot of marketing internal to KS. Most of my support came from outside KS-people who never used KS but supported it from direct knowledge of the project. Good luck!

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