The story of my life?

pearlsbeforeswineI have let so much of my time get away from me (life has been busy, I’ll blog about it later) but it’s again time to get back to a schedule and start writing and publishing in a timely manner. sorry for my absence blog readers, and I hope this cartoon makes you chuckle. After all, this is the writing life isn’t it?

8 comments on “The story of my life?

  1. Ha! I was just making coffee before writing. By the way, I started a storyboard of the Monster story and am taking cartooning workshops all summer so I am motivated and in the groove. After some coffee that is… 😉

  2. Sounds like me too! Incidentally, I did publish 10 pages yesterday…for the first time in half a year! Lol. Fortunately, I woke up at 430 and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I turned on pandora and stole some words from the singers! 😉

  3. This cartoon captures my writing struggles as well … one technique that has worked for me is to write at least 500 words per day (which comes to about one single-spaced page) on the theory that “a page a day makes a book a year” … I also start my writing very early in the morning (when my baby and wife are still sleeping) before I check my emails or run any errands, which always end up subverting my writing flow … sometimes, I establish a good flow and end up writing more than 500 words, but at least I get that page done …by the way, I also like to reward myself with an espresso when I write my 500 words …

  4. It’s troublesome how procrastination can sneak up on writers, (or any creator really). The last few days are a blurred attempt to return to scripting and it just HAS NOT HAPPENED! The truth is though, if I don’t do it, I never should have started. :/ so I will finish! Right after this muffin!

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