The odds and ends of being an artist

This has been a busy week! (And as I’m writing this I feel I’m writing a short, not as amazing “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”). I’ve been asked before, sometimes, that as an artist, what is it that you do?

Sometimes I think when you tell people you are an artist people automatically envision romantic Paris-wine dreams . Not so much.

The reality is that like most people I work (as a tutor and an English instructor) and manage to find time for my art usually at the expense of my house hold choirs.books

So for those who are wondering, here is a sample of my week:

First I received an email that my poem “We Is” is going to be published in July in torrid magazine. It was a nice email (though a pang of sadness as I couldn’t call the first person I always do) especially because I have not been submitting anything as of late (too too busy).

Then, I spent the first part of the week, furiously getting a portfolio together for a grant program for the Illinois Art Council. It’s a long shot. They announced over 15,000 in grants. However, the announcement came with a 3 day turn around (talk about pressure.) I will keep you updated. Also if you live in Illinois check out the Art Council page for more programs.

Afterwards, I had a Skype date cue the fancy music, first date jitters and a wine with a fancy illustrator friend of mine,  Riki,check out her work) to discuss working on a children’s book (Lots of exciting info to be coming!)

The rest of the week was a hodgepodge of emailing about guest blogs, contacting a graphic artist about a graphic novel, talking to my best friend Ashy about doing a collaborative art show and a few other art odds and end on the promotion side.

Notice no writing 😦

But life goes on doesn’t it? How was your week as an artist?



9 comments on “The odds and ends of being an artist

  1. sorry for my owfull eng the problem i think is about reality and art to be an artist you must see things in a different way or see things others don’t …. reality is just reality and to live inside of it teach you reality looked with the eyes of all the other …. reality push you to reality art push you in a different mood of perception ….. i know there is no solution to be an artist you must live with art or live with nothing as i do but is hard like living in reality …. keep on

  2. That seems exhausting, but I bet it’s rewarding! I have lots of time to write right now, but I can’t wait until I can share it with the sorts of friends you have. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. I can completely relate to this post. I find that your theme and your site’s name really work well together, I like!

  4. When I have little time to write, I try to think of my day job and my other obligations as opportunities to gather materials for future use.

  5. I’m currently in the embryonic stages of my career (as a freelance writer and author). For now, all I can say is, very slow, but steady. It’s a pleasure to have this window into a writer’s life. Thank you. Love and light!

  6. It’s amazing how much time can end up being spent on emails. I’m in the 2 job boat as well and trying to create as much as I can between them. Sometimes it catches up a bit and you just feel worn but you can’t ignore that drive. Speaking of emails, I’ll have one to you tonight with more images.

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