14 comments on “Stumbled upon some great advice

  1. I´m not so far off being as old as this lady and I heartily agree with her. I have pursued my ambition of writing, designing, drawing taking photos and working with antique textiles all my life. It has kept me hovering around the poverty line for most of it, but I have had work published in one of the UKs greatest newspapers, designed albums, lived on an Arctic island, travelled to Eastern Anatolia to buy old tribal carpets and kilims, met the most fantastic people from film stars, through rock stars to Kurdish tribesmen and Spanish gitanos with nothing but clothes on their backs. Now I live in Andulicia and use my experiences to write stories and articles on my three blogs. I will never stop working because I love it so much.

    • I have tried to say this so many times in so many ways. I guess I just wasn’t wearing the right face. I would add God to that pleasing list. Ver nice re-blog. Thaanks.

  2. Rachel, thanks for stopping by Skylark Writing Studio…loved your bio and this is priceless – the picture and the advice…Wishing you well with your writing – you can’t go wrong if you do what the old gal in the photo advises…stop by again…

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