Looking to collaborate with a like-minded guy or girl who can draw…….

As I wrap up my short collection of plays, (hopefully) available online at the end of the week, I turn to other projects.  I have two projects may require (if I go the indy route) an artist to illustrate.

The firstImage and one I’m most looking for an artist for, is a comic, Without getting into too much detail, it’s a modern day fairy tale starring Nikola Telsa which deals with issues of corruption and power. This one I’m pretty set on being indy, though I’m open to other suggestions

The second is a children’s story. I will be shopping this around with traditional publishers, but if the right artist came along, I would be open to e-publishing or making a book app.

If anyone is interested you can email me at reestanf@gmail.com I can give you more details there.

BTW, I’ve been told I’m pretty awesome to work with 🙂

10 comments on “Looking to collaborate with a like-minded guy or girl who can draw…….

  1. haven’t drawn in ages LOL and it shows trying to get my own cover made LOL But I am having the utmost fun. Another way to express the words.
    Hope you find someone cool and see the two of you bringing it together. 😀

  2. I am planning to work on some children’s book during my upcoming sabbatical year–as both writer and illustrator. However, I love collaborating so maybe we should consider partnerning up.
    For a gist of my style, check out http://www.lilgirlart.com
    I will email you off-list as well.

  3. I can probably draw about as well as the intended audience of your children’s book but I’ve recently started enjoying taking photographs but I expect that’s definitely not what you’re looking for. Anyway, I’m mostly just saying ‘hi’ because I’m rather taken with the notion of an artistic collaboration with someone half the world away, hi!

  4. Well, I am not yet–or likely ever–going to be a comic book artist (though it has been one of my dreams). I can’t (re)produce panels so well. I struggle with reproducing characters from different angles. But, I am open to assisting with cover design and individual/unique images (like the various faces you’d find in a fairy tale collection).

    I will bookmark and keep the email option in mind. I am a bit of a jack of trades both novice in digital (MS Paint and a quasi-Photoshop/studio) and hand-drawn (pencil/pen). I’ve done everything from ticket/program design to billboards, bumper stickers, school phonebooks and a cookbook.

    Indy as in self-publishing or some other reference? If the latter, please explain as I write/think here on the fly while babysitting.

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