When your give birth to your literary babies

Poetry may be dead, but poets aren’t!

I woke up on Monday with two bittersweet emails. Two of my poems had been accepted for publication in Cool Etc! a few new online journal. One of which was a baby of  mine, Loaded Gun, Twice Fired. I wrote this poem about 8 years ago (wow I’m getting old) for a class in poetry. The assignment was to finish the Emily Dickinson poem, My life has stood a loaded gun. I ended up with a poem that I loved that stood a lone or in tandem to the original piece. But after I got out of college, I had a heck of a time trying to publish it, because it was “too traditionally.” I refused to give up, and now, my baby shall see the light of day. It’s an odd feeling though, to be done with a piece I tweaked and changed some many times throughout the year, but greatly satisfying. Image
In addition, my poem, The river bed, was also published! This wasn’t a baby of mine, rather a poem I wrote while spending a day walking along the Mackinaw river.

It’s pleasures like this that make a rainy Wednesday much more enjoyable. I hope you liked my work.


11 comments on “When your give birth to your literary babies

  1. I’m decidedly ambivalent about publishing. Sometimes I grow tired of feeling overwhelmed, and at others I consider the pragmatic benefits of such. I’m still in a phase where viability for mass consumption feels foreign and almost forbidden in certain lights. There’s a lot of contemplation on whether it’s more than a hobby or am I part of the grey goo that drips from the planet.

    Congratulations on your achievements!

  2. Congratulations!! There are few better feelings, though with all the rejections and the time between who we are as writer and initial submitter and struggling author standing on the outside looking in…that part sucks. I look back on stories pending review from six months ago and they no longer feel like my work. The process shifts, my mode of thought changes, and it’s like…a child who doesn’t especially feel like mine anymore.

    Being a creator is a helluva lot harder than it looks on the outside, but you’re nailing it. To bring us full circle: Congratulations!!

  3. You have some truly gorgeous imagery, it makes me picture what you’re talking about in the poem very vividly. I’m so happy you’re getting published!

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