12 comments on “A hilarious grammar lesson from puppets

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  2. But… the only thing in this video that deals with grammar is the “They’re/There/their” point, because it deals with a mechanical issue of using the wrong category of words in a grammatical expansion. There’s nothing grammatically wrong with “It literally blew my mind” because all of the words are in the correct places in the sentence. It’s just semantically incorrect. Otherwise, “It figuratively blew my mind” would also be grammatically incorrect.

    Clearly, this is a case of grammar Nazis overreaching their authority and bickering about Vocabulary.

  3. Great stuff–my freshmen would literally go crazy if I showed a grammar video with the word p–p in it. That would be about the time my prinicipal would come in for my spot check 🙂

  4. Hi Rachael….thanks for the recent visit to my Western genre and the “like” of a writing-related post…much appreciated. I like the layout of your own site and the variety of content here…very cool.

    All the best with your writing!


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