A plea to Ted Nugent (and all the other demagogues of the world)

Dear Ted Nugent,

I’ll admit it. I grew up admiring you. You were a drug-free artist who came from a small town and was thought of as crazy. I was a drug free artist who was thought of as creepily smart, possibly on drugs (for my odd behavior) and as an  “odd one”.1545098_10151929481037297_351251612_n

Besides you had long hair, which is my Achilles heal and you were in one of my favorite bands, Damn Yankees.

What’s not to love?

Mind you, this was before the age of widespread Googling and I became aware of your political beliefs (diametrically opposed to mine) and your past with women and girls.

But that’s not what this is about today. It isn’t about Obama. It isn’t about gun control. It isn’t about the questionable past-times of you or I or anyone else.

It’s about what you say, how you say it, and why it so desperately matters.

You see, language shapes our world-views. If you really want a crash course in this, I suggest you check out this crazy cat named Derrida.

I’ll give you a quick crash course. For example, using he in a text when it referring to both a male and female inherently devalues the female. She is relegated as not as important as the male counterpart. The more widespread this becomes, the more inherent the thought that the female is second becomes, so much so that we don’t recognize it as an opinion but a truth and as that becomes a truth it bleeds into other parts of our lives.

But maybe this is too abstract. Let me illustrate from your own words how language can shape people.

You recently called the President and various politicians as well as their supporters (via facebook), subhuman mongrels.

Sub-human, really?

What Teddy has just done here is labeled the President, most politicians, and well myself (as well as other Democrats supporters and gun-rights control advocates) as “the other,” inherently inferior and by definition less than human.

But why does this matter?

Because simply you are creating a system where by people see themselves as superior to other people. As our history has shown, when one group tends to think of another as not as good, not as human, not entitled to the same rights, violence, enslavement and bigotry ensues. In short, you are by you words, making a schema where it is ok to disenfranchise others. It is ok to hate others. It is ok to believe that certian human beings are not as good as you and not worthy of the sames things that you deserve.

What someone doesn’t believe what I believe!

Well they simply aren’t a good/human as I am, so what does their belief matter?

What you are doing is hurting America.

You have almost 2 million followers on facebook. Instead of engaging them in debate, perhaps trying to find the solution to our problems, or a compromise, or at least providing evidence to why your solution may be betters than others, you instead polarize your fracture, making them resistant to debate, compromise or change; all the while, you fill them with hate towards anyone who thinks differently than you.

I’m tempted to call you out on the hypocrisy of trying to uphold American ideals of freedoms while demeaning and shaming all those who think differently than you.

Ok I just did it.

And for those who think I’m cherry picking a quote, I invite you to follow his facebook page, or check out some of the other awesome quotes he has had throughout the years.

Ok one more link, there are just too many.

The worst part, is, though you aren’t the only one.

Pundits on both side who have millions of viewers, millions of people who’s world view are partly shaped by their words and interpretation of the world, continue to act in a devious  manner, skewing and sometimes just plan making up facts to fit their own political agenda. All the while these pundits bash and trash the other side. Instead of having a rational factual debate. They label anyone who opposes them as “the other“, the enemy.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protest. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dissent. But there is a helpful way to do it, one that works towards a solution to our problems, and there is one that comes at a cost to all mankind.

I’m going leave you with a quote from one of my favorite TV shows, LOST:

If we can’t live together, then we’re going to die alone.

We all have a choice in the words we use. And there are consequences to them.

A former fan (fine I still really like Damn Yankees),


10 comments on “A plea to Ted Nugent (and all the other demagogues of the world)

  1. The thing is, this point of view is polarizing too. You’re saying that everyone must speak and think like you do or they’re hurting America. It’s such a black and white viewpoint that it alienates the very people you’re trying to convince to be more open-minded.

    For example, stating that use of the word “he” alienates women. Not any reasonable woman, I would say. We speak from our own points of view, so men naturally say “he” while women should naturally say “she”. When a man uses the masculine pronoun, it’s simply speaking from his worldview. He’s not attempting to devalue women. When I say “he” it doesn’t mean that I value women less than men. It simply means that I relate more to masculinity.

    This is actually a fairly debated issue when it comes to rulebooks for roleplaying games (think Dungeons and Dragons). White Wolf Game Studios uses the feminine pronoun in their books in order to make their games more politically correct, more inviting to female players, and to stand out from the rest of the publishers of these games. Some very immature discussions splatter across the internet about the issue. I just don’t see why we don’t have a common go to where the male writers use “he” and the female writers use “she” interchangeably. It still gets the point across, while crediting the writer automatically as male or female so that we can see that they’re peers in their profession. It also solves people those awkward arguments of whether an author with a traditionally gender neutral name such as Jodi, Dakota, Payton or Taylor are male or female.

    And I wouldn’t get too worked up about Ted Nugent. Yes, there are people taking him seriously. But most of his followers are probably just fans of his music and look at him more like a Kardashian than a true pundit.

    • I don’t consider pointing out the polarization of one’s langauge as anything but stating that our langauge has consequences unless you believe in absolute moral relativism. It’s like pointing out if you stab someone there will be consequences that may include death and will include pain. It’s a simple truth that how we speak sparks consequences. And the he/she debate is a grammatical rule (that has now been challenge) but that’s for the thoughts! I can totally see where you are coming from

  2. Very well said, Thank God ageing rock stars don´t rule the world. The mere fact they think their opinions are worth more than the guy who works at the local grocery store shows how distant they have become from where they began. Just had a couple of whiskies too many to get deep into this, but I love the anger and I love the articulation.

  3. I do respect Ted Nugent for having the guts to represent for the much underloved Gibson Byrdland. Normally, as a guitarist. I judge a man by his choice of instrument -but for love of god, the man is a dick. Which is not remarkable, because the media is a marketplace for dicks and Ted is really a very small dick in a very large pond of dicks. Throw a stone on TV these days and, odds are, you’ll hit a dick. And, I have to add by way of rebuttal, there are plenty of left wings dicks out there too – but instead of ill chosen and stupid words, they trade ill-considered and untenable ideas – which, in the long run are equally dangerous. Ted Nugent is a man who, in the words of a fellow Baltimorean, guitarist and the one musician whose political pronouncements I do admire, should really shut up and play his guitar.

  4. Appropriate that this came out yesterday….

    English is odd because it has no gender neutral pronouns that are acceptable for people. It’s not the worst language in regard to that issue, but it’s far from the best.

    Also, you might want to check out logical fallacies https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/659/03/ What you’re posting is a valid argument (because you are attacking another’s argument) against an Ad Hominem fallacy (because the other side attacks the person making an argument, rather than the claims of that person).

    Most political rhetoric, and most polarizing rhetoric as well, is actually a classic example of these logical fallacies. They just SOUND catchy.

  5. I completely agree with you. The problem is that the people who do what you criticize here, like Ted Nugent, prefer a polarized world, they prefer a world in which they can feel superior, they prefer a world that is divided rather than united. It’s unfortunate, but true.

  6. First, don’t hang yourself up in my spelling, please 😉 I’m a Norwegian, and english is not something I use daily.

    You quote LOST, “If we can’t live together, then we’re going to die alone.”. Well, very rarely, have you seen a battlefield? Human’s can’t even live in peace inside a family unit, so you better get used to that “alone”-thing, and also forget all the thing’s about peace and love worldwide, that’s only a posttraumatic drug-related logic kicking in, of bad habbits from university campus days…you know, “higher education”, and all that 😉

    BUT I agree with you that “word’s” are serious business, they are seductive…they can make you feel hate,love and can lead to positiv or negative actions,, but also make you ask questions that leads to thougts and views that you did’nt have before – positiv or negativ, and shake you up from deep thoughttrack’s and prejudice.

    …but first you have to understand that we all set the stander of “What’s right and what’s wrong” and what’s “Normal” according to oureself. We all have the “Truth” about this in oure own mind…THAT’s the real problem.

    Alexander the Great,”It’s better that a lion lead’s a army of sheeps, then a sheep leads a army of lions”.
    Alexander’s army was small, his enemys army was large. Alexander lead his soliders with his example, he fought at the front of the battle’s. His soliders trusted him and his judgment as a leader. They respected and acted according to his example. Therefore Alexander’s orders was obeyd without questions and willingly. They let his “Truth” override their own, based on trust. That’s how they won, they become fast and effective, all because they let one man’s “Truth” overrule their own.
    If a critical structure in a building fail, the whole building collapses.

    That’s why the countrys of this world is fragmented into small pieces that can not be put together – there will never be peace, fear alone uphold the peace. Look at Putin in Russia, he has lost his fear, just like Hitler lost his fear. No words formed into treats will work. The world’s “action” against North Korea, Afganistan, Irak, Iran etc. shows that all the superpower and its allies have, is word’s, but no action and the will to upheld its word’s, and no leader that can unite them. Politicians are bad leaders in wartime, they can only wage war against people that obey according to “word’s”. Putin has told us through media again and again that he is masculine, strong, sporty and a karate practitioner and showing off about it on TV. He is like Stalin, Hitler etc. They are not men of word’s, they are man of action – they are warriors, and not nerds with word’s, like politicians.
    Putin is a lion in his prime, looking at a talkative parrot with no feathers – That’s Putin’s “truth”. He is just like the rest of us, but he is a warrior.

    Word’s have no meaning in themself, if they are not follow up by the will to upheld the “word”.

    Oure desires are stronger than word’s. The rapist rape even if he know’s the law and punishment, trafficing in human’s exist, drugs. We entertain ourself with movies and games etc with sex and violence…and torture. Oure popstars sing and act like pornstars. Some view themself as “free” and “free thinkers”….we are all slaves. We live to stimulate oure desires, what oure eye’s dwell upon, what oure thougt’s dwell upon, and the fullfillment to this is just a link away through googling. We are weaklings, Loosers. It’s not oure neighbore that don’t understan us, it’s oureself and oure fanatic belife that we all have the right to choose for oureself “What’s Right and what’s Wrong”, we live by oure own definition of “The Truth”….oure stupidity is dangerous in this complex world we live in. Stupidity on one side of the world can spread through media and social networks like fireblaze. All we need is ONE idiot with a gun and the will to use it, to make the world quake, and through social media the idiot connect’s to other idiot’s. Idiot’s also have “The Truth”…and so shit happen’s. We all let it happen.

    Parents tell their children not to smoke, do drug’s or alcohol. It’s not what parens say that stick’s, it’s how parents behave according to what they have said, that stick’s.

    Look at christendom. Priest’s, pastors, paters and pope’s say they belive in the Bible and that’s the word of God.
    If you have READ the Bible, you will see that they don’t act according to it. They all bless solider’s and weapon’s and glorify their own country’s politicians and war’s.
    They have all their own “Truth”, not the Truth according to the Bible.
    People that think’s and look at this behavior, ask themself, “Why should I belive in God, if not his servan’s belive in him?”. So the only “logic” to the answer is to become an ateist.

    If you buy an expensive car with a complicated engine and computer system etc. I’ll bet you will follow the manual that come’s with it, that tell’s you how to take care of your expensive car. You will not begin to INTERPRET the manual. You will follow it just like the manufacturer have ment it to be understood. You will not buy cheap motoroil just to save money, you will buy the expencive motoroil that the manual tell’s you to use. The engine is fare more expencive than the expencive motoroil, and you are not stupid. To save on small things can end up costing you a lot.

    If God have inspired the Bible, and you belive it, you will do your best to get to know God’s personality so you can understand what HE means with what he has written about “What’s Right and what’s Wrong” according to him. That’s the way to get saved, is’nt it?…the eternal life.
    If you begin to INTERPRET the Bible according to your own view’s on “What’s Right and what’s Wrong”, that has been formed by your culture and upbringing and your personality, you should logical come to the conclusion that that’s the wrong way to do it. You would not do that with a manual to an expensive car…

    In the beginning of the Bible, in Genesis 3:5 “For God knows that in the very day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and bad.”
    Satan is telling Eve that God has lied to her, that the fruit will make her into a god, so she herself can judge “What’s Right and what’s Wrong” according to herself.
    …and we still belive in that lie, and practise it. We try to dominate other’s with our own view’s on “What’s Right and what’s Wrong”, according to oureown personal “Truth”.
    John 8:31,32 “Then Jesus went on to say to the Jews who had believed him: “If you remain in my word, you are really my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”.
    By letting God determine “What’s Right and what’s Wrong” and follow his Truth, and not oure own, that’s how to make peace among human’s, and you will become free from judging things out from nationalism and beliving that one race is superior to another or that your party has the right solutions to the problems your country is facing or the world are facing. We need to have the will and follow up with deeds to let God have the right to tell us what is the Truth, not politicians or religious leaders that INTERPRET what is the Truth, but do not live according to God’s Truth.
    If the Bible had been written by humans, to serve humans…why have they not change the moral and the high principles that goes agains every humans choice of lifestyle?…knowing this, tells us that the Bible is not written by humans. Only humans that are in contact with his or her’s spirituellity needs, have the will and motivation to live by the Bible. The other’s don’t understand why they should practise a lifestyle that stop them from living according to their DESIRES and personal weaknesses. For them it don’t make any sense to sacrifise ALL this for a God they don’t see. If you studie and examin a house, you KNOW that someone has built it. When you see the complexity and variation and perfect designs and problemsolving of complex lifeforms – you KNOW that some superior intelect MUST have created it. God is not just a very,very big human sort of lifeform, like the greek gods.
    We will never understand God or be able to be his supervisor and ask him why he did this or why he did that, he has explaind himself to us humans in a way that let us understand enough to get the point, and be able to become his friends, through his inspired word the Bible. The Bible tells us what went wrong, and how God will fix it. God has let us test Satan’s lie out, by letting us try every form of government.
    So we could experience for oureself if it was a good idea to listen to Satan’s advise to Eve, by letting humans deside for themself “What’s Right and what’s Wrong”.
    Oure history shows us that we haven’t been created with this right.
    But God has warn us that he will soon take controll again. He has given Jesus true followers a mission, so that every human can make a choice based on information.
    God has never punished someone without a clear warning and by giving humans a choice. He has always been very clear in his communication about how humans can avoid being punishd.

    Mattew 24:14 “And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”.

    Mattew 28:19,20 “Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. And look! I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.”

    So who is God using to warn us of the coming punishment, who is going around preaching about God’s Kingdom with Jesus Christ as its King?…and don’t dwell into politics or try to position themself close to power and the entertaining idols of this world, or blessing their countrys army, and that don’t give in to compromise with the Bibels view on sexual behaviors and morals, with “What’s Right and what’s Wrong” according to this world changing views on sexual behavior’s and morals, just to be included in this worlds “popculture”?

    …so don’t just be a pretty face, but use your brain to what it was intended, so you are able to take the right choice…or don’t you like the right choice?…no one does, cos it looks like something dressed up as hard work an discipline 😉

    …”Get your money for nothing and your chicks for free”, it was a big hit in the 80’s.
    People still like the “word’s” to that tune. Yep, and they all try to live by it 😉

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