A pride and prejudice wedding

I’ve been told that most girls from childhood spend their days dreaming about their wedding and proposals. Frankly, I think that’s crap. If you count my idea that getting married by a young Elvis (no fat Elvis for me) in a crappy chapel in Vegas as childhood-dreaming of weddings/marraige/etc, I’ve spent a grand total of maybe forty-five minutes of my life fawning over the affair.wedding

Still, when I came across this guy’s reenactment of Pride and Prejudice’s proposal scene, I was impressed and a bit confused.  Impressed because this clearly took ALOT of work. And confused, because (and I’m assuming the proposal was real and the dude wasn’t just re-enacting the scene for larks) even though I really love Pride and Prejudice, I wouldn’t want to borrow the moment from them for my own engagement!

So what do you guys think, is this an awesome idea? Or not?

9 comments on “A pride and prejudice wedding

  1. Thanks but no thanks. It puts the recipient into an impossible position. How can you say ‘no’ after all the trouble he went to? (And in front of all those witnesses saying ‘awwww’) Call me cynical, but it feels manipulative.

  2. First of all, you spent about 43 1/2 minutes more than I did on wedding day dreams. I spent much more time dreaming about the guy than the day. Isn’t that how it should be?
    Secondly, the Pride and Prejudice reenactment does seem a little more than strange. My romantic side hopes that the bride-to-be is a huge fan of the book, the author, all of the movie adaptations and the time period, leaving the love-struck young man with no doubt that this was his surest way of hearing her reply, ‘yes’ when he popped the question.
    But, probably, it was just a ploy to get 15 minutes of fame.

  3. This is an awesome idea if…the girl being proposed to is a complete sap for Pride and Prejudice–which lets face it, most of us are, whether we read the book or just saw a movie. I think the love and laughter would light up this experience like lit candles and a bottle of wine never could. So kudos to the groom for stepping outside the box and onto the stage.

  4. It depends on the people involved in the proposal – those folks evidently loved the extravagance of the Pride and Prejudice wedding, but I’d think it was all a bit over-the-top, if I were involved.

    I guess I don’t really like the idea of having a wedding or proposal be the best day of a person’s life, because it suggests it’s all downhill from there. Logically, if you have an intentionally crappy wedding, your married life will be much better by comparison.

  5. I think that the romance and chivalry of the old days was something that I take a lesson from. There was courting, asking permission, parents approving and actually dating for a long time before there was even hand holding. Tag me as old fashion but if we had more of that these days I think there would be a totally different outcome of our society. I hope my daughter meets someone who asks my permission to date her. I would be extremely impressed.

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