Write for a free house

I have mixed emotions over the idea behind Write A House but I thought I would share it with you, my readers, because it might be of use to some of you.

It’s fairly simple. If you are a writer, you can apply for a free house in Detroit.  The up side, you can get a house rent free (minus utilities, taxes and with contingent on some other rules.) The downside you have to live in Detroit which has become a fairly crime-ridden city.

One of the houses remolded for an artist

One of the houses remolded for an artist

But someone has to turn around Detroit don’t they? And hey if successful, maybe Detroit will turn into a little piece of art heaven which you can be a part of. For poor starving artists like myself, well, it would give you a roof over you head and a place to write.

You can check out writeahouse at their website. They have more detail about the application process and rules that apply.



11 comments on “Write for a free house

  1. You i get the mix feeling about being a crime ridden city. But if like said one can build a community who is willing to stand together they could make a difference no matter how small. it is the willingness to try and make a chance.
    and never tried is always a fail

  2. As a native Detroiter and current resident of one of its many suburbs, I have no fear of the crime in Detroit, never had. Crime is the bug-a-boo the media brings up to give Detroit a bad name. For residents of the city, crime is the least of their worries. Basic city services like trash pick-up, snow plowing, street lights, mass transit, and public schools are the daily issues that trouble its citizens. A free house isn’t enought to temp a writer to move into the city, but it’s a start.

    Anyhow, love the blog. Great stuff.

  3. As some born and bread in Michigan, I’m here to say that Detroit is not the cesspool everyone seems to think it is. You may up with a house in the middle of a field where houses used to be. Fun Fact, did you know that Manhattan, Boston, and San Francisco would also easily fit within the city limits of Detroit? It is a massive city built around the idea that everyone should have a yard. Yes there is a crime, but hey there are also a lot of really nice good things really close by. I’m over the moon to discover that this possibility even exists.

  4. This is fascinating, and I love that term “urban homesteading” – pioneering into the wasteland of urban decay. Possibly a great adventure for young, single, hardy folks, but would I want to bring children up there? Possibly not. Thanks for posting, this really caught my imagination.

  5. What a fascinating idea! I wonder if you get a better house the earlier you get into the program? That would be a fun way to attract people — live like a king! And try not to get stabbed!

  6. It’s fascinating how Detroit is starting to attract a lot of young, hungry artists. Really makes me wonder what the city will look like in ten year.

    As an aside, I really enjoy this blog! Keep it up.

  7. Agreed Michelle, it is fascinating. There are empty spaces in almost every town where this could work…my wheels are turning…I’m envisioning a nationwide program called “Habitats for the Humanities”!

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