Disney Princess:Queen Bees and Insecurities

ariealSo buzzfeed had an article, “If the Disney Princess went to your high school,” which was hilarious and also shines a light on the faults of the princesses. It’s tongue in cheek for sure, but is the perfect article for people like me who grew up with a love/hate relationship with Disney and the Princesses as well (minus Belle, I will get my library god dang it.).your-disney-inner-circle

Disney stories are entertaining, but let’s face it, most of them are awful morals for women and young girls. And frankly most of the princess could use a little consoling!

What do you think? Ideas you would add? Any assessments you disagree with?

10 comments on “Disney Princess:Queen Bees and Insecurities

  1. Whether it’s shocking “news” or lousy morals, it all depends on who “writes that sh#t.” Writers–Disney or otherwise–skew the truth or previous/original versions of the story to suit their needs. Disney took many a hapless fairy or Grimm tale and turned it into a musical of smiles and a few gasps in between to make people buy popcorn and soda…and t-shirts, and hats with eats, and blow up dolls, and naughty flirtatious artwork you don’t want your spouse to see…

    All that aside–and without taking any of this seriously enough to debate/question it–the artworks are rather nice and mildly amusing. That’s what matters to me:) The attention to Ariel’s details is admirable. I’m still a Belle and Jasmine nut myself. Bookworms and strong/brave, adventurous beauties.

  2. Looking at the article itself, I would have pegged Jasmine as the stoner for living in the “spice district” and talking about other worlds and magic carpet rides if ya catch my magic lamp drift. [But, I laugh at chameleon-shape bong.] Not the fashion “prima donna”….but maybe a lil of “daddy’s girl” though she seemed more fiercely independent than that. I think some might get the idea she’s “daddy’s girl” because she actually has a dad around unlike most of the “orphan” princesses. Belle struggles to keep her dad (and sisters? depending on the version) around/alive. Ariel has sisters AND a dad at home/around. Her dad is just as if not more protective.

    I’d throw in Esmerelda as either a golddigger or “hobo” trying to get lunch money every day from someone (her boyfriend if she has one) and the odd band member who insists upon playing tambourine though the teacher tells her to pick up the (Spanish) guitar. Maybe she’s the “band whore” (not far off from Snow White) who roams with musicians for thrills. And, Elsa from the latest film, “Frozen”, as, obviously the “ice queen” who gets what she wants and leaves you cold, living in denial of her trust issues. Who are we missing?

  3. I actually think that other than some of the movies, Disney has some pretty good morals. For example, Cinderella has the strength to keep hoping and be willing to take a chance instead of turning bitter.

  4. Well, in the original Grimm version of Rapunzel, the witch discovered the Prince’s visit when the young heroine’s pregnancy started to show. And as far as Ariel, I remember Marie-Louise Von Franz, Jung’s closest colleague, saying she couldn’t stand reading Hans Christian Anderson because he was “so neurotic, it’s painful.” So Disney may have done a number on the morals of some of the tales, but the alternative might be a spike in young girls on anti-depressants.

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