A literary clue to the holiday blues

I love the holidays. I always have. The lights, songs, horrible old Christmas movies and obnoxiously large family gatherings might be the only thing that keeps my sanity during the dark and cold Illinois winter.

But there is the flip side of the holidays. Over-commercialism, loneliness, songs that are played on repeat from Thanksgiving on and  Elf on a shelf.

It’s easy to become well, a Grinch.

But not anymore.
Grow your heartThe good folks at Dr. Suess.com (an amazing site) have come up with 25 days to grow your heart three sizes.

Cute, simple non-related activities that are good for the soul and will surely help you with your holiday blues.

Give it a try. I know I’m going to.

Mr Darcy has groupies (gasp)!

Mr. Darcy has groupies!


All the word nerds wearing this are of course screaming, “Duh!”

Apparently, the mainstream media is now discovering something that the rest of us book nerds already new! Women love Jane Austen and a lot of us really love Mr. Darcy. 

The video is worth a view if you can get over the completely obnoxious covering of it. Both reports seem completely unable to grasp people’s love of Jane Austen and in insulting and condescending way in their labeling of groupies.  And as a music, comic and word groupie, a subculture that has been around for well a long time, I find it slightly horrific that others can’t seem to grasp or understand its existence. 

But if you can get through the obnoxious banter or  if you skip to min 3 of the video, you can see some pretty awesome reenactments, events,  and costumes.  (I’m completely envious of the weekend teas!)