A new year, a new artistic you

I’ve never been particularly fond of New Years. Maybe it’s because I have always sucked at keeping my resolutions. Maybe it’s because I find the song “Auld Lang Syne” incredibly depressing.   Or perhaps it is because I feel like its a manufactured holiday that most people my age use as an excuse to get smashed.

Whatever the reason, I usually find myself plopped on the couch watching the “Twilight Zone” Marathon that runs on SyFy with a bottle of non-alcoholic strawberry sparkling water

But then I ran across this.
New Years IdeaWhat a wonderful idea! Instead of making a crapton of goals as an artist based on making money, procuring fame or producing a product, perhaps, we can instead find a way to help produce the inner peace in our art.

It’s so easy as an artist to fall into these traps. I especially fail with number 10. I do not have patience. I want amazing success ASAP. And I struggle when at the end of the day, I didn’t get as far as I wanted. But what does that struggle get me? No closer to my goal and miserable.

This year, I’ll still probably be on the coach for New Year’s Eve watching the “Twilight Zone”, but I am going to print off this picture and remind myself everyday. Art is a process and a wonderful journey but there are certian mindsets and traps we can fall into as artist that will make us miserable! Make a goal to avoid them this new year.


31 comments on “A new year, a new artistic you

  1. Wherever you are New Year’s Eve, know there’s at least one other person sharing the couch with you… so could you please keep your feet off of me? Thanks.
    And, oh yeah… this post may have just saved my life. Thanks again.

  2. Definitely inspiring. I get really down and overwhelmed trying to figure out the ending to my novel. But I hate endings, anyway, because they’re irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. thanks for sharing!

  3. I LOVE the Twilight Zone marathon! I watch as much of it as I can every year (though honestly by this point I’ve distilled it down to just cherry picking my favorite episodes. After all, while Twilight Zone is a brilliant show way beyond its time, like any show it has a few “misses” mixed in there). I haven’t made a resolution in probably a decade, mostly because I know I never keep them, so I don’t see the point in setting myself up for disappointment…instead if there is something I feel I need to do, I don’t wait until the New Year to do it, I start it then and there. I don’t always succeed, but I’ve succeeded at far more “Middle of the Year” Resolutions than I have “New Year’s” Resolutions.

  4. I like a quote I heard once, along the lines of “we compare our behind the scenes with other’s highlight reel”. Sometimes it seems inevitable.

  5. If you get to watch it’s a wonderful life, skip the depressing end with people singing that “Auld Lang Syne”. And setting goals, like that seem to easy to follow. Somehow I end up depressed either way. And without being an artist.

  6. I had saved this to my desktop earlier this year and the icon showed up as “How to be miserable….” or similar. I didn’t ever re-read it. In the end the negativity of the title got to me so I deleted it! Fun the first time around though.

  7. Reblogged this on College Ready and commented:
    This list “How to Feel Miserable As an Artist” from Street of Dreams was shareworthy, so I’m reblogging. I think we can all relate! #1 on the list is particularly true-regardless of your art form. (For me, it’s writing & photography.) Comparison will rob us of our creativity every time! As will trying to make others happy with our art. It can be hard to avoid that type of pressure, especially since we are aware of the audience as we are creating. But don’t let it stop you. Whatever type of art you create, resolve to JUST DO IT in 2014! Visit and read the full post-it’s chock full o’ fun! xo~Lisa

  8. it’s interesting to note how I’m still afloat… I’m not impaired by #3 or #4. They must be pretty buoyant to save me from all the others! I thought I was the only one hindered by #2! Great post, and thanks, Rachael!

  9. Thanks for reading and commenting on my haiku @ jjhaiku2014. I was inspired by watching “Julie and Julia” to write (not cook) everyday this year. You are also an inspiration – someone out there with all kinds of creativity who takes the time to encourage others.

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