Submission Alert!

I stumble upon a new journal Small Po[r]tions who is accepting submissions for their journal.


According to their website, the submission details are:

Small Po[r]tions is now accepting submissions for our first issue to be published this Spring.

  • Please submit up to 1327 words or one multimedia work by January 20 2014
  • Simultaneous submissions are considered, as long as you notify us if the work is accepted elsewhere.
  • This journal will have an online component for new media works as well as a hand-bound print edition for each issue.
  • Small Po[r]tions reserves first North American publishing rights, and non-exclusive rights to reproduce, display, and distribute the work in print or other media platforms. Print rights return to the author after first publication in Small Po[r]tions.

I’ll archive it tonight under my submission tab. Happy writing to all my fellow writers.

13 comments on “Submission Alert!

  1. hey thanks for the post! We are not genre specific, though veering towards general literary or magical writing. More than genre, we’re interested in making interesting use of format, voice, and lyricism in a short space. We also have an interest in new media forms and videopoetry work. We are unfortunately a non-paying market for now but help make us awesome and maybe in the future that will change !

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