Let he without grammatical sin…..

As most of you know, I am without a doubt, not a grammar Nazi. In fact, I find that many people are much too much a grammar Nazi to the detriment of language usage. ImageThere was a great blog post, outlining the 12 mistakes most people pointing out grammar mistakes make. It’s a must read. Once you realize the fluidity and ever changing nature of language, a thousand possibilities open before you.  So friends, dive into language, and don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes along the way!

11 comments on “Let he without grammatical sin…..

  1. I had to read this post seeing as I tend to be nervous every time I post something because of possible grammatical errors. I also had the chance to browse your blog, and I must say, you have some insightful information. Thanks for liking my post and feel free to stop by and check out my other posts as well!

  2. I am sure I do make mistakes. but it is a learning process. And sometimes when not sure read out loud and use what sounds best.
    Loved the text. that or which was on the other page 😉
    loving the post.

  3. That’s a really neat article and one which backs up some things I’ve encountered with others reading my writing. I had a short story where one of the characters was speaking in bolded text, just randomly interjected into whatever else was going on in the writing. His words had no quotation marks, no sentences of their own, and were often just a few words here and there.

    People reading it were really off put at first because it clashed with their views of the rules of writing, but by the end of it they found it was a neat effect to show a character speaking, as well as what it said about the character.

    So yeah, Grammar Police can stuff it. Especially since language changes pretty much daily.

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