A literary Halloween? (The most wonderful time of the year!)

Blame the LARPer in me, but I am a huge Halloween nerd. Usually I manage to stretch the day out to a week and average 2-3 costumes per year. This year  I have two of my costumes set (Boo Berry and Duela Dent) but I’ve also stumbled upon some great literary costumes and thought that I would share them with you.

Fruit Stripes Zebra and I (Harley Quinn) playing pool last year

Fruit Stripes Zebra and I (Harley Quinn) playing pool last year


Nothing screams also parent like dressing your child up like a literary figure!  Barnes n Nobles recently suggested 16 different book inspired costumes. Some, I’ll admit were a bit of a stretch but others were so cute. My favorites:


I won’t lie. Most of my teenage Halloween costumes involved the dead genre, dead zombies, dead prom queen, dead….well you get the point. Never, did I even think to emulate some of my favorite literary characters. But teens of today, need not fear, foreveryoungadult has come up with a great list of costume ideas!  I might even steal a few of the ideas myself!


There are some amazing literary costumes! Agh! I can’t wait to stretch my Halloween out to incorporate them especially, a Slaughter House Five outfit!  Writer’s Digest also came up with an amazing list. (The Lord of the Flies pun,  Animal Farm outfit and Lady MacBeth, might just be my favorites).

Do you have any ideas? Have you ever dressed up like a literary character for Halloween?


13 comments on “A literary Halloween? (The most wonderful time of the year!)

  1. I have been dressing up with this inflatable moose outfit for years and my daughter is a Squrrel. The kids don’t get it but the adults do. My daughter is twenty and we’re doing again this year. Rain or shine!

  2. I’ve never truly thought about dressing up as any literary character for Halloween growing up. I just dressed up as whatever character I thought the cutest. One Halloween, I remember dressing up as a baby. I had so much fun playing this character. As of today, I limit the props I wear and incorporate within my costume. Yes, I still dress up. But, I keep it to a minimal. Adults have to keep a reputation, you know?

  3. If the Riddler or Sherlock Holmes is literary, then, yes:P hehe [I know.]

    I don’t do “dead” costumes. I’d go as far as dressing up as a ghost (covered, not made up), but that’s about it.

    How about baseball uniform surrounded or stuffed with wheat stalks? The Catcher in the Rye?:P Or, a slutty prostitute costume with city labels garments or cardboard buildings for a crown/hat…Sex and the City? 😛 Or, a tube of lipstick wrapped in leafy vines or a leopard bikini…Lipstick Jungle?:P Just off the top of my head.

  4. I’m so glad you posted this! I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of something good. Honestly, I may have to fashion myself an If You Give a Mouse a Cookie costume. What’s better than an excuse to stuff my face with chocolate chip goodness all night?

  5. Hmm… I’ve got a feeling things are a bit different across the pond… We British traditionalists haven’t been tricking that long, and since Hallowe’en is properly All Souls night, the characters definitely have to be DEAD! Though I do admit that few householders might recognise someone dressed up as Hamlet’s father… Yorick would be a safer bet…

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