5 seconds of your time for a good cause

Drive-in theaters as being forced to shut down next year as many can’t cover the cost to convert to digital.  As is the case with a historical theater that I frequented as a child (as did my father). If you could for the next three days take the time to vote for the Earlville theatre , in this contest, I would be much appreciated. The winner will get the funds to convert their theater. It’s such a shame.



4 comments on “5 seconds of your time for a good cause

  1. Rach, sorry to be a bother but the link is non specific and unfortunaly Earlville comes up with many locations I’d love to vote to save your memories which state and I’ll go vote ASAP

  2. Hi Rach, we have similar issue up here in Queensland with the Tivoli Drive-In at Ipswich in the same boat. A friend suggested that these drive-ins knew this step was on the horizon and could have been asking for a gold-coin donation from patrons over the past year to help raise the funds to convert. It’d be such a shame for them to close. My friend and her family had a night out at Tivoli just this past weekend. We lost our drive-in at Aspley and now the closest are about 50km away (Ipswich and, if it’s still going, Jacobs Well). I suspect there’s a national awareness campaign underway by the body covering these drive-ins. Hope they succeed. Cheers, Trina

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