Well this week has started better for me than last week! I submitted a few pieces yesterday for publication (shall I be rejected?) and am devoting an hour, at least, tonight to work on my collection of plays!   It’s been edited ( an interesting process for me that I’ll blog about later this week) and now I’m just tweaking it before I put it up as an ebook.

I’m under no delusion that this will NOT be a great commercial success, but the plays have all be produced by various theaters and I’m just ready for them to reach a wider audience. So hey, what the heck, right?

Anyway, I meant to post this video last week, but as I previously posted, I had an awful week, so today shall have to do. It’s a very interesting video. I suggest you take a look!

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  1. Why should you be rejected? I promise, I will not reject you. The act of trying is worthy in an of itself and your expression is validated in that you created and allowed us to see and be enlightened. At worst, there may be grammatical mistakes or awkwardness, but how could there be anything else? And a collection of plays? WOW!

    This video too is enlightening. I hear the past in the voices and in a sense I that am connected.

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