The pain of the English major

I’m not going to ruin the joke in this song; but, a friend of mine showed me this yesterday and my mouth was hanging in protest after the first lyric. I was again reminded that I have an all encompassing love affair with the English language.

Also, does anyone have a hatred of certain parts of speech? For example, this song reminded me that while I love the semicolon, I hate colons. I find them pretentious if such an attribute can be assigned to a form of punctuation.

Note: Vulgar language is used in parts of this song.

14 comments on “The pain of the English major

  1. I love both the colon and semi colon because they’re pretentious. But I do try to hold back on them. Awesome song. I was cringing a little too, but figured it was Lonely Island.

  2. This is why I love speech. One need not employ frustrating bits of punctuation. We need only master the use of timing and pauses. But then, I am a speaker. 🙂 An amusingly provocative post. Thanks!

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