What is the Poetry Project of 2014?

This is absolutely the most brilliant idea that I have heard of. Let’s make 2014 a year of poetry. I urge you to submit to her and maybe think about making a similar campaign in your area. I definitely have decided to start this or a similar project in the central Illinois area. ( I used to sidewalk chalk in college for poetry week, but this does seem much more sophisticated.)

One comment on “What is the Poetry Project of 2014?

  1. Awesome idea! I will definitely submit a couple of poems. Just keeping up the enthusiasm may be hard. Starting early is a good idea to build up a big repository of poems. I might plan one for the Sydney Writers’ Festival in May 2014. It might be nice to walk around and ask people if they would like a poem, hand them out and ask them to spread them along and see where they end up (hopefully somewhere nice!).
    It would be nice to have say a poem from around the world, recited in Sydney by a member of the public, and the video posted online…

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