My new obsession

Sadly, I didn’t know about this interactive series until it one an emmy, but this series is absolutely amazing.

The Lizze Bennet Diaries is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice.  Witty and imaginative, any 20-something  in the midst of navigating dating, school, a career and life is sure to enjoy it.

Check out their youtube channel and their website.

Also sorry that I just stole hours of your life.


11 comments on “My new obsession

  1. Thank you for posting that! Didn’t know it existed! Funny & witty, my kind of show/series. And I wrote about my obsession with Jane Austen, so the fact that the series is based on P&P got my attention immediately.

  2. Love this series. It may zap hours of your life now. At least you didn’t have to wait for Monday and Thursdays to roll around very week. Waiting could be the worst with the end of some episodes. 🙂

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